RBS Mikva Controversy Update

By Rabbi Dov Lippman
This is an update for those following the story of the struggle over the running of the Mikva on Nachal Dolev, Ramat Beit Shemesh:

- Mayor Abutbol received a letter from the Minister of Religion, Yaakov Margi (Shas), that he cannot appoint a private person to oversee a public mikva.
- Despite this letter, the Mayor insists that Rabbi Davidovich will oversee the mikva on Dolev and the Rabbanut will oversee the renovated mikva on Lachish. It appears likely that the Mayor will try to do so by appointing Rabbi Davidovich as an official employee of the Rabbanut.
- A stormy meeting took place between the dati Rabbonim of the city and the Mayor during which the Mayor berated the Rabbis for suddenly wanting to follow the psak and leadership of Rav Ovadiah Yosef [DM: who has been notified that the Rishon Letzion's shittot were being possulled by those supervising the "right" side of the mikva - and Rav Yosef strongly objected to that] .
- Meetings were held with members of Knesset during which they promised to use whatever influence they had to insure that the mikvaot of the city remained under the control of the Rabbanut.
- Meetings will be taking place in the coming days to ascertain if the Mayor's plans can be stopped through the courts.


  1. I know I just do not yet understand enough about the Israeli systems of law, but how is it that after being told the rules by the minister of religiosity, the mayor still thinks he can do as he pleases? Doesn't being the legally placed mayor carry with it the weight of following government regulations?

  2. David, do you or Dov Lipman know WHY the mayor is doing this chilul H'? What is his motivation for being anti-halacha, anti-women and anti-psak halacha? Dina d'malchutcha dina doesn't apply to the Holy Land???? Which golden calf is the mayor dancing for? Is this an effort to minimize birth rates for dati leumi families? To keep power-hungry bigots in control? Something other than this?


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