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The Temple Showbread (Lechem Hapanim) Revived

Raphael Morris's interests in Temple Mount and in Baking (he's a professional baker) combined recently, in a Temple Institute project to re-enact the preparation and ceremony of the "show bread" (Lechem Hapanim) - perhaps for the first time since the destruction of the Temple 2000 years ago. Raphael explained that The Temple Institute decided to dress some Cohanim (descendants from the Priests) in the reconstructed Priestly garments which the Institute has painstakingly made as closely as possible to the original Priestly Garments of the Tabernacle and Temple. Rav Baruch Kahana, The Institute's rabbinical authority advised them that rather than do this as an isolated event, they should have the Cohanim wearing these garments as a part of a bigger event. As I understand it, similarly to the rules concerning taking a Sefer Torah out of the Ark, this should only be done for a purpose, such as to read it, rather than out of curiosity. The Institute decid

Guest Post: Save The Nerds (and others!)

By Shaul Behr ( TLDR click here ) It's not easy, being a nerd.   Imagine spending your life as a weedy wimp.  Just  knowing  you're going to be the last one picked for the playground soccer game. The dread of anticipation, the horror of realization, the abject humiliation when your side loses the toss and has to be "skins".  Again. Spraining your wrist opening the salad dressing. Getting sand kicked in your face at the beach. Being the only one laughing at your own clever witticism. Realizing everyone in the room is staring at you and wondering what was funny. Or perhaps it was your braying nerd laugh punctuated by snorts? Like I say, it's not easy.  I should know.   Because - and I am officially coming out of the closet today -  I am a nerd . Now I know this may come as a shock to many of you who have known me for decades, but I feel I have to be true to myself and come out and say it -  I am a nerd.   But there is hope

Time for Reflection - Scottish Parliament: 2nd February 2016

My old friend and mentor, Rabbi Y.Y.Rubinstein, recently gave the "Time For Reflection" spot during a session of the Scottish Parliament. His message to the MPs, in short, while dealing with the big projects, don't forget to dot the i's etc (small mistakes can have huge consequences), while being willing to think out of the box.

Police Raid - My Dog Leading Suspect

Israeli Police Raid - file photo I was astonished to meet two armed police officers, together with another man, on my doorstep today. I asked them how I can help them and they said that my dog, Messi, is a suspect in case of assault upon this same man. They asked myself and my wife a series of questions, including whether I had an approximately 22 year old daughter. We confirmed that we have an 18 year old daughter, but that she's currently on National Service. We offered that the alleged victim could view Messi in our garden, and see if the man could identify Messi as the assailant. The man looked at Messi, and declared that this was not the dog which attacked him. The policemen withdrew, and continued their search at other neighbors. I'm pretty sure Messi peed himself. The Suspect - Messi

Netanyahu The Bulldozer

Arik Sharon was nicknamed "The Bulldozer". During his career he was reputed to go to any and all means to push his agenda through any obstacles. Whether it was Sharon's daring formation and leadership of Unit 101, which took the fight to the terrorist bases in the 1950's; or his dogged persistence in advancing over the Suez Canal in the 1973 Yom Kippur War; his personal after-me invasion of Lebanon in the 1980's; or his at-any-cost uprooting of the Jewish communities in Gush Katif in 2005.....Arik Sharon would not take No for an answer. Benjamin Netanyahu is known for his more measured diplomacy and nuanced policies. He is vehemently right wing politically and economically - but he is not blindly ruled by dogma, much less any particular policy course. Netanyau is no bulldozer. However, Netanyahu's handling of the Leviathan Gas Field issue looks remarkably like a Sharon, rather than a Netanyahu. Noble Energy discovered the Leviathan Gas Field in 201

Getting Back Into Photography

As a kid I was quite a keen photographer, and I have happy memories of many hours spent in my home dark-room, developing and printing my own photographs. Each image took time to take (35mm film, SLR camera, tripod, external flash, light meter, etc) and one carefully selected from the best shots to make prints. The investment in time and materials for each photograph produced was substantial. Now we all have cameras in our phones, and we can click away merrily whenever the wish or need arises. Furthermore, the idea of printing a photo is largely passe, as the idea is to get the image delivered to viewers quickly, usually across social/digital media. My Galaxy 5 phone's camera is a remarkable piece of engineering. From the tiny lens, using some very sophisticated image processing, the resolution and quality of 'snaps' can be astounding. I have taken up my phone/camera and, often using Instagram for enhancement, filters and effects, I am starting to enjoy my renaissan