Police Raid - My Dog Leading Suspect

Israeli Police Raid - file photo

I was astonished to meet two armed police officers, together with another man, on my doorstep today.

I asked them how I can help them and they said that my dog, Messi, is a suspect in case of assault upon this same man.

They asked myself and my wife a series of questions, including whether I had an approximately 22 year old daughter. We confirmed that we have an 18 year old daughter, but that she's currently on National Service.

We offered that the alleged victim could view Messi in our garden, and see if the man could identify Messi as the assailant.

The man looked at Messi, and declared that this was not the dog which attacked him.

The policemen withdrew, and continued their search at other neighbors.

I'm pretty sure Messi peed himself.

The Suspect - Messi


  1. Wow, the cops were after your dog as a suspect! That could've gotten Messi....


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