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Name and Shame?

The ongoing scandal of the Takana Forum vs Rav Motty Elon has intensified with the publication by the Yediot Achronot newspaper of some graphic testimonies to the Takana Forum from Rav Elon’s alleged victims. Rav Sherlo, a member of the Forum, has written an open letter to his students strongly criticizing the decision at Takana to provide this information to Yediot Achronot for publication. Rav Sherlo argues that the understanding was that Takana would publish a much less graphic and revealing statement on its own website only – and that the article in Yediot Achronot betrayed the confidence of the victims, and would dissuade other victims of sex abuse by those in authority, from coming forward to Takana in future. This weekend’s newspapers in Israel were abuzz with opinions and debate about Takana and Rav Motty Elon. The Takana vs Rabbi Elon stand-off raises many challenging issues, not just for the National Religious population in Israel, and not just for orthodox Jews – b

Bet Shemesh Weekly News

By Rabbi Dov Lipman   CITY COUNCIL APPROVES NEW CITY ENTRANCE The city council voted to move forward with a plan to transform the main entrance of the city near BIG to alleviate the constant congestion in the area.  The plan includes a gigantic traffic circle connecting a few streets and expanding the road to more lanes from the entrance past the turn off to Supersol Deal.  The estimated 20 million NIS for the project will be paid for by the city, the old BIG, the new BIG, and the builders of the new Shaar HaĆ­r housing project at that location.  Tenders for the project should begin within the coming months.    CULTURE HALL UPDATE The city council voted to appoint a committee to explore options for the location of the planned culture hall.  The location had always been set as the open land between Nachala Umenucha and Migdal HaMayim.  The Mayor has received pressure from Rabbanim to move the location and many in the opposition fear that the establishment of the committee is an eff

Survivor of Child Abuse Speaks Out in Borough Park

Bet Shemesh Weekly News - by Rabbi Dov Lipman

NEW INTERNET SITE FOR CITY GOVERNMENT  The city government will be unveiling its new internet site, "Irternet" this coming Tuesday.  The new site will include: information regarding all city departments, local news, a city calendar, on line payments, and much more.  The site is     A HOSPITAL IN BET SHEMESH?  Mayor Abutbol hosted representatives of both the health and housing ministries this week and took them on a tour of a proposed site for a hospital.  The site which city officials have their sites on is 120 dunam near the intersection of Nahar Yarden and Kishon which they view as a central location in the city, given the future building of new neighborhoods.  The proposed plan would have the medical center begin with just an emergency room and birthing rooms.  The government seems to be deciding between Modiin and Bet Shemesh for the rights to build a medical center and local officials feel that Bet Shemesh has the upper hand given the conne

Man Arrested in Ramat Bet Shemesh

A Ramat Bet Shemesh man, approximately 60 years old, from Nachal Dolev, has been arrested, relating to recent allegations of inappropriate behavior with children. Anyone who may have information which can assist the police in their investigation is requested to call the Bet Shemesh police directly 02-9902222. Magen, the Bet Shemesh child protection organization, can be contacted on 02-9997026 or by email              

Michalah and Takanah Address Sexual Assault Allegations

Yediot Achronot , the Israeli newspaper, recently reported that a rabbi/teacher from Michlalah, Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem , had been accused by a female student of sexual assault. The case apparently goes back to 2007, when a female teacher relayed a complaint on behalf of the student, to the school management. The allegations concerned a senior male member of staff, who was alleged to have sexually assaulted the girl, one of his female students. The reporting teacher did not find the allegation satisfactorily addressed by the Michlalah college, and so referred onwards to the Takana Forum. Takana is an organization which consists of the leading National Religious rabbis, and includes both mental health and legal experts. Takana first hit the headlines in Israel , when they issued a statement in January this year, exposing alleged malfeasance against male students by charismatic rabbi, Rav Motti Elon. Takana specializes in taking on allegations of sexual misconduct by rabbis, teacher

Bet Shemesh Weekly News

By Rabbi Dov Lipman CITY WIDE INCREASE IN ARNONA ? The Interior Ministry released a list of 30 municipalities which have been granted their request to increase arnona payments.   Bet Shemesh is on the list.   This means that someone in the municipality, presumably the Mayor, made this request.   There will no doubt be fireworks in the coming city council meetings regarding this issue if it is raised by the Mayor and the public will likely make its voice heard, as well, as it tries to convince its representatives to vote against a raise in arnona.   The raise in arnona would apply retroactively to 2010 should it ever be approved by a majority in the city council.   In response to numerous complaints from city residents within 24 hours of the announcement, city spokesman Motti Rosenzweig announced that Bet Shemesh would not be seeking a raise in arnona and citizens should not be worried about this .    -------------------------- NEW BUS ROUTES COMING SOON The municipality's tran

Together With Chile In Celebration!

The first of thirty three miners, trapped for 69 days in a mine in Chile, sees the first daylight, his family, friends, rescuers and the President of Chile... Amazing!! Baruch Hashem!

Jewish Joke

Two Jewish women were sitting quietly together, minding their own business.

Why IS That Man Taking Such An Interest In My Child??

[Introductory Note: There have been several cases in Bet Shemesh/RBS in recent weeks of charismatic men who have a Pied Piper influence over kids, some of whom they allegedly have molested. The kids' parents were aware of the 'specialness' of the relationship, even the peculiarity, but were not aware of the risks. I offer this article as guidance to help parents become more aware of the potential downside of these relationships. I have used males, but whereas most pedophiles are male, their child victims can be equally likely girls or boys.]   ------- If you reminisce back to your school days,   you can probably think of a specific adult who had a profound influence on you and helped you overcome your growing-up challenges.  There are some particularly gifted and wonderful people who are able to bridge an age gap, and thereby positively engage with someone who is even many years their junior. Such people can apply this talent to working with kids and youth in a profe