Bet Shemesh Weekly News - by Rabbi Dov Lipman

NEW INTERNET SITE FOR CITY GOVERNMENT The city government will be unveiling its new internet site, "Irternet" this coming Tuesday.  The new site will include: information regarding all city departments, local news, a city calendar, on line payments, and much more.  The site is 
 A HOSPITAL IN BET SHEMESH? Mayor Abutbol hosted representatives of both the health and housing ministries this week and took them on a tour of a proposed site for a hospital.  The site which city officials have their sites on is 120 dunam near the intersection of Nahar Yarden and Kishon which they view as a central location in the city, given the future building of new neighborhoods.  The proposed plan would have the medical center begin with just an emergency room and birthing rooms.  The government seems to be deciding between Modiin and Bet Shemesh for the rights to build a medical center and local officials feel that Bet Shemesh has the upper hand given the connections between the city leadership and the heads of the health and housing ministries, from Shas and UTJ respectively.  No timetable has been set and no plans have been approved by the governmental authorities.    
The finance ministry has given the ok for a 30 billion NIS transportation ministry plan to make major improvements in highways throughout the country.  Close to 1 billion NIS will be designated to transform highway 38 into a 4 lane highway from Shar Hagay to Bet Shemesh, including the train passing beneath the road.  In addition, highway 1 will be transformed into 3 lanes in each direction from Shar Hagay to Motza.  The plan is expected to be signed by the minister of transportation in the coming days and it will then be brought before the government for approval. 
The city is distributing devices which are to be attached to faucets and showers to help save water.  These devices add air to the water, thereby cutting actual water use by 30%.  Devices have been distributed to 2,500 homes in the city and the plan is to reach 8,000.  The people distributing the devices make their rounds during late afternoon and evenings when people are generally home.   
 RBS RESIDENT IN FINALS OF ADULT CHIDON HATANACHWell known RBS educator, Levi Sudri, has qualified for the finals of the national adult Bible Quiz which will take place on Chanuka.  Sudri earned second place in the Jerusalem region with a score of 98 on his exam.  Thousands of people had entered the contest which has now been narrowed down to 2 people from each region.  
 CHAREIDI CHILDREN NOT REGISTERED IN SCHOOLSMayor Abutbol established a chareidi section of the education department upon coming into office, but unfortunately, numerous children have not been given the services they need.  This includes both mainstream and special needs children who are being sent to schools which do not fit their specific needs so parents have chosen to keep them at home.  City councilman, Eli Friedman (TOV), explains that there will be protests made - not in front of city hall, but in the central shopping area of RBS Aleph to draw attention to the plight of these children.   
The effort to stop the building of RBS Gimmel 2 began this past week when City Councilman Shalom Lerner sent a formal letter to Ruth Yosef of the Interior Ministry to explain all of the procedural laws which have been broken in the effort to fast track the plans for this new neighborhood.  Aside from this letter, efforts are underway to gather objections from city residents to protest this neighborhood which is planned to be built across from Nachal Kishon.  Please e-mail me if you would like to register an objection to the construction this new neighborhood.   
The city government has approved a 4 million NIS project to improve Nachala Umenucha.  The project, which will begin shortly, will include: new sidewalks, new trees, new park equipment, and a path into the neighborhood from Maapilei Egoz.   
Mayor Abutbol was elected into office because of the support of the chareidi community.  There have been growing signs of discontent with the Mayor from various chareidi groups which reached a climax this week when the Mayor appeared at a siyum hashas for the Avraham Yitzchak chassidus at Kinor Dovid and was asked not to enter.  Eventually, someone managed to forcefully get the Mayor in and to the dais but the leaders of this chassidus say that they are unhappy with the Mayor's management of the city and that he was not invited to attend.  The Mayor claimed that he received an invitation to attend the event.
 NACHAL DOLEV RESIDENT ARRESTED FOR INDECENT ACTS WITH MINORS I have been asked to announce that a 60 year old Anglo oleh living on Nachal Dolev has been arrested relating to recent allegations of inappropriate behavior with children.  Anyone who may have information which can assist the police in their investigation is requested to call the Bet Shemesh police at 990-2222 or contact Magen, the Bet Shemesh child protection organization at 999-7026 


  1. Dov/David,

    There are a couple of places where you mention Kishon where I think you may be referring to Yarkon. You mention the proposed hospital location at the corner of Yarden and Kishon, which is right at the end of RBS B (at the trafic circle just before the empty stretch of Yarden between RBS B and RBS A). As I recall, the proposed hospital location was at the corner of Yarden and Yarkon, right near the exit onto Kvish 10. Has the planned location changed?

    The second issue is re: the proposed location of RBS Gimel-2. I believe this is supposed to be accross Yarkon, in the area now known as Beit Natif, rather than accross from Kishon. I could be wrong, but could you please confirm? Thank you.


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