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Fixing The Western Alliance - Israel's Apology


President Obama's Speech to Israeli Youth in Full

For anyone who missed it, here is Barack Obama's speech in the Jerusalem Conference Center to a young Israeli audience.

Overall, he said what the audience wanted to hear.

By Obama's very high standards of oratory, I reckoned he scored a "B".

National Religious: The Dilemma of Power

The new government coalition has commentators reaching for their history books.

The combination of a strong (nay, critical) National Religious presence, with absent hareidim, does not seem to have a precedent in Israeli history.

If one also considers the national religious MK's in Likud (6),  Yesh Atid (3), and HaTnuah (1) - I make it that we're looking at 21 national religious MK's in the ruling coalition. Almost one third of the Government.  

If you ask an American - "are Jewish senators/congressmen good for the Jews?" - you'll probably get a mixed review. Yes, it's good for Jews to be represented and to influence policy. But it's not good for the Jews to be to seen to be holding the reins of power. It's sort of an Evil Eye, that the gentiles will use the image of Jewish power as an excuse for antisemitism.

In addition, there's a feeling that Jews may go overboard to be seen to be broadminded, and may even act against Jewish interests, in or…

Modern Orthodoxy Validated in NY Times