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Teaching The UnRight To Protest


We Can Soften The Blow

An original concept - drasha set to music!

Chag Sameach From Lema'an Achai

As you celebrate Shavuot remember that the Torah that we receive is a Torat Chesed...a Torah of Kindness.
Lema'an Achai is the paradigm of kindness and achdut (unity) as we aim "As One" to help others achieve financial independence. How many organizations can tell about the hundreds of people who have been able to come off of the "dole"?
Your generous partnership will enable to us to empower others with the "tools" to face any and all crisis. Consider Lema'an Achai in your Yizkor pledges as a fitting memorial to your loved ones. Donate now by clicking HERE . On behalf of the families, staff and volunteers of Lema'an Achai I thank you for your dedicated support and wish you and yours a Shabbat Shalom and a Chag Sameach! Warmest Regards, Avrohom Leventhal

Beit Shemesh Weekly News

By Rabbi Dov Lipman

1)CONSTRUCTION ON CULTURE HALL TO FINALLY BEGIN? Years have gone by with no progress on the construction of the new Culture Hall in Migdal Hamayim.  Recent controversy surrounding groups that want to check for bones on the site has caused the most recent delays.  Pressure has been mounting on Mayor Abutbol regarding this issue, leading him to issue a promise that construction will begin by no later than this coming Thursday.  Construction is expected to take between 1 1/2 and 2 years.

That Idiot At The Front of the Plane!

There is considerable resistance in some communities to frank discussion and clear education about child protection & the risks of child abuse.
The nay-sayers tend to refer to tznius (modesty), and the fear of causing panic amongst the children and adults.
I was mulling this over on a recent trip abroad, and was fascinated by the safety presentation on the plane.
If you travel frequently by air, you will be familiar with these safety presentations featuring the air hostesses.
A pre-recorded message explains about the oxygen masks, emergency exits, lighting, lifejackets etc, while the air hostesses point, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, at the doors etc and demonstrate the use of the oxygen & safety belts.
If you look around at your fellow passengers, you’ll see they are deep into their novels, exploring on-board entertainment, or already doped up and asleep. The only ones looking at the hostesses, seem to be more interested in the packaging than the message.
It struck m…

Latma's Latest

Latma's always a good laugh. If you're short of time, go to around Minute 2, and watch "The Bibi Show" stand-up comedy, featuring Shaul Mofaz....

Treacherous Trickery, or Business As Usual?

We all went to sleep Monday night expecting elections in September, and awoke Tuesday morning to find a new coalition agreement, and the general election shelved until their scheduled time in 18 months time.
The surprise coalition agreement between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the newly installed opposition leader and Kadima Party leader, Shaul Mofaz, has got the whole country a-jabber. (What’s left of) The Opposition, shrieked “foul play!”, waved their proverbial red cards, and denounced the coalition agreement as a “dirty maneuver”.
The reasons stated for the declarations of outrage were:
1. Shaul Mofaz had just campaigned for the Kadima Party leadership by stating his hostility to all things Bibi. He had promised Kadima’s rank & file that, if elected to the Kadima leadership, he would work tirelessly to overthrow Netanyahu. And here he was, days later, joining the (apparently despised) Government.
2. Recordings were aired repeatedly of Mofaz calling Netanyahu a “liar”…

Bar Mitzvah Skit: The Yorkshire Bar Mitzvah Boy

I am currently in Harrogate, Yorkshire, attending a wonderful family barmitzvah. My brother Mike and I wrote this skit on the plane over, and we performed it to the guests at the seuda/meal on shabbat. It went over very well. I offer it here in case others are also on 'entertainment' for a barmitzvah, and may wish to use the material. Enjoy! The Yorkshire Barmitzvah Boy by David & Mike Morris
[Rabbi Cohen "C" is sitting reading a chumash. Knock at the door. Harry "H" enters. Harry has a flat hat and broad Yorkshire accent] 
H. Hello? Rabbi Cohen?
Yes, I’m Rabbi Cohen.. Can I help you?  H. Yes, I hope so. My name is Harry I’ve come to discuss my son’s barmitzvah.
C. Wonderful.
H. You see, my son Jim’s now twelve years old, and I was considering whether he should have a  barmitzvah.
C. Whether he should have a barmitavah? Is Jim Jewish?
H. Yes –  Jim’s Jewish and he’s very proud of it.
C. As you know, all Jewish boys have a barmitzvah at 13. So why wou…