Chag Sameach From Lema'an Achai


As you celebrate Shavuot remember that the Torah that we receive is a Torat Chesed...a Torah of Kindness.

Lema'an Achai is the paradigm of kindness and achdut (unity) as we aim "As One" to help others achieve financial independence.
How many organizations can tell about the hundreds of people who have been able to come off of the "dole"?

Your generous partnership will enable to us to empower others with the "tools" to face any and all crisis.
Consider Lema'an Achai in your Yizkor pledges as a fitting memorial to your loved ones.
Donate now by clicking HERE .
On behalf of the families, staff and volunteers of Lema'an Achai I thank you for your dedicated support and wish you and yours a Shabbat Shalom and a Chag Sameach!
Warmest Regards,
Avrohom Leventhal


  1. No females in Lemaan Achai's picture? Hmmm....


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