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All Change in the Middle East

Israel is ‘blessed’ with neighboring dictatorships and quasi-dictatorships from every angle. Although the Middle East is routinely described as an “unstable region”, actually this is not always the case. These Middle Eastern regimes may not look pretty to the Western eye, and they can be rightly accused of numerous crimes and evils, but instability is not their characteristic. Working around the neighborhood… Egypt has a peaceful transition after Anwar Sadat’s assassination on 6 October 1981, and has been controlled ever since then by the same leader, Hosni Mubarak, now 82. Jordan transitioned peacefully on the death of King Hussain in 1999, to his son King Abdullah, resulting in a 90 year continuous Hashemite regime ruling over Jordan , so far. Syria , had its stability test in 2000, when President Hafez El-Assad died, and was calmly replaced by his son Bashar El-Assad. He’s been firmly in the dictators throne ever since. That’s 40 years Syria has been the Assad Family B

New Article About Rabbi Malinowitz

It has been brought to my notice that a new letter has been circulated locally in Ramat Bet Shemesh, and an  article has been written and published on the Unorthodox Jew child protection blog.  The letter and article focus on the chronic dispute between Rav Malinowitz and myself about reporting of child abuse allegations to the police and social services. (I'm curious if anyone knows why this long-running dispute has resurfaced now?) The UOJ article and comments can be read in full  here .

Wikileaks, Palileaks…is ANYTHING secret any more?

The concepts of the words "Confidential", "Secret", "Classified" have changed dramatically, the world over, in the past few months.  And this should effect all of us. For many years, information which was expected to be hidden from public view, has occasionally “leaked” to the public arena. Confidential government discussions appear the next morning in the national newspapers; published memoirs have exposed delicate or scandalous information for centuries; and prying eyes & spies have always meant that confidential and secret information can be compromised.   However, we have never seen exposure of concealed information on the scale of Wikileaks, blogs and me-too publications, such as the latest batch of over a thousand Palestinian internal documents, leaked to Al Jazira and The Guardian. This is mainly a combination of the new will to break centuries old protocols and protective barriers, with the technological means to practically avoid Big Br

Bet Shemesh News

By Rabbi Dov Lipman HALFWAY HOUSE FOR PEDOPHILES IN MIDDLE OF OLD BET SHEMESH 200 residents of the Rechov Hamishlat neighborhood in Old Bet Shemesh took to the streets last Sunday to protest the establishment of a halfway house for convicted pedophiles who have been released from prison.   City councilman Motti Cohen (Dor Acher) pointed out that a city council committee had to approve the use of a building in a residential neighborhood for this purpose which did not happen and, therefore, he would be asking the city attorney to close the home.   An emotional moment took place when the mother of a girl who was killed at the city's shuk 4 years ago spoke and said that she asked the Mayor to use the home for a Midrasha named after her daughter to help troubled girls.   Many accused the Mayor of allowing the halfway house to be established because it is run by his friend who is a Shas activist.   The city government issued an official response that it was checking into the situation

Bet Shemesh Weekly News

By Rabbi Dov Lipman 5 COUNCILMEN JOIN MAYOR'S COALITION, 3 LEFT IN OPPOSITION   Mayor Abutbol celebrated the addition of 5 new coalition members last Motzei Shabbat.  This was a political victory beyond just the size of his coalition (16 members) because he succeeded in breaking apart all of the opposition parties.  Irit Marciano of Likud separated from Likud's other council member, Natan Sheetrit and joined the coalition in return for the city worker portfolio.  Jacky Edri and Ilana Yarcho of Býachad separated from Shalom Lerner in return for land for a hesder yeshiva, a shul for Nofei HaShemesh, control of the dati chinuch and youth movement portfolio, money for marketing dati communities, a member on the Matnas committee and the city's religious council, and money for women's activities.  Stella Walter and Alex Shleptzinko of the Russian party, Mishpacha Achat, joined together in return for the absorption portfolio.  Motti Cohen of Dor Acher separated from

Protecting Our Children from Child Abuse

Dr David Pelcovitz will be talking for "Magen" in Bet Shemesh, on "Protecting Our Children from Abuse - What We All Need to Know". All parents, educators and professionals are warmly invited to Genesis Hall, Reishit Yeshiva, R.Rashi, Bet Shemesh, at 8:00pm on Sunday 16th January. Light Refreshments Separate Seating Available Entrance Free Donations Welcome to "Magen"

Awareness Event in Bet Shemesh: Breaking The Silence

Sunday 16th January, 8pm. At Genesis Hall, Reishit Yeshiva, Rehov Rashi, Bet Shemesh. Light refreshments served. Entrance is free. Donations to Magen & Event Sponsorships Welcome. A public awareness evening with Dr. Pelcovitz, world renowned psychologist, speaker and author. With a moving, first hand account, by an abuse-survivor; and an introduction to "Magen", the new Bet Shemesh Child Protection organization. The evening will include a questions & answers session with Dr Pelcovitz. (Please submit your questions in advance to ). Dr Pelcovitz is the Professor of Psychology & Jewish Education at Yeshiva University; Director of Psychology at North Shore University Hospital. Dr Pelcovitz has recently published a ground breaking book "Breaking The Silence - Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community". For further information: -- --- "Magen" - Creating a Safer Comm

Magen Statement: Moshe Katsav

While horrified and shocked by the severity of the crimes committed by our ex-President, Moshe Katsav, Magen applauds the justice system which enabled the victims to be heard, represented and prevail, even against the highest ranking official in Israel. In abuse cases, in the eyes of the victim, every abuser is 'presidential': more powerful, higher status, stronger, intimidating and more credible than the victim. That is why the overwhelming majority of abuse victims do not bring official complaints - and indeed do not speak at all of the crimes against them. Magen hopes that the Katsav case will strengthen all abuse victims, and encourage them to voice their pain, and to report the crimes committed against them to the authorities. The Katsav verdict is a powerful victory for the Israeli legal system, and for abuse victims everywhere. Magen    --- "Magen" - Creating a Safer Community for Kids Magen is the new child protection organization of Bet Shemesh,