Magen Statement: Moshe Katsav

While horrified and shocked by the severity of the crimes committed by our ex-President, Moshe Katsav, Magen applauds the justice system which enabled the victims to be heard, represented and prevail, even against the highest ranking official in Israel.

In abuse cases, in the eyes of the victim, every abuser is 'presidential': more powerful, higher status, stronger, intimidating and more credible than the victim.

That is why the overwhelming majority of abuse victims do not bring official complaints - and indeed do not speak at all of the crimes against them.

Magen hopes that the Katsav case will strengthen all abuse victims, and encourage them to voice their pain, and to report the crimes committed against them to the authorities.

The Katsav verdict is a powerful victory for the Israeli legal system, and for abuse victims everywhere.



"Magen" - Creating a Safer Community for Kids

Magen is the new child protection organization of Bet Shemesh, promoting prevention & awareness of child abuse; assistance & support for victims and others affected by child abuse.


  1. Does not sound like he is 100% guilty from the evidence provided at the case...

  2. One thing's for sure - he picked a woman not up to having an affair, for having an affair. Men in such powerful positions need to be more choosy regarding whom they mess around with, rather than rationalizing, "Your lips say no but your eyes say yes" - otherwise they are bound to fall from it.

  3. Evidence? What evidence? This case was based on hearsay. No rape kits, no mental health worker interviews, no evidence whatsoever.

  4. Anonymous 21:53
    As all the court sessions were closed to the public, and none of the court records have been published, how do you know what evidence was or was not presented?

  5. Evidence - you mean like did she save any damaged clothing? I think you have the wrong president....

  6. Fight Real Abuse6 January 2011 at 14:55

    Sorry David but you really have gone over the edge. We are all for condemning REAL abuse but here we simply DONT KNOW the factual record. Its hard to congratulate the prosecution when we have not seen the evidence. The prosecutors also congratulated themselves when Pollard was railroaded. Someone forwarded me a talk back (they live in the USA but someone from here sent them your response to someone) where you stated 99% of the time there is a welfare dep't its true. What a load of crap. The people forwarding your belief were "reported" to the welfare department for no good reason other than a woman (a self proclaimed child abuse expert) who lives in their anglo hood was "suspicious" of the father. Then she reported that it must be the mother and not the father. She even warned her kid not to play with the family's same aged daughter. Of course her child told the whole chevra to "watch out" the family is "dangerous." Thanks to the lovely woman the family was investigated but never heard back from the welfare department (this happened several years ago.) Well they made yerida thanks to this fool self proclaimed "abuse expert" and her "suspicions". These folks never had any police issues ever in their chul lives. They were always well liked hard working tax paying people where they lived. But because the abuse expert served on the school vaad and everyone found out about the "abuse" the kids were socially isolated. The kids had no friends and the parents' social life was ruined beyond repair. What a success story for the abuse expert to put on her CV. Im sure you work with her.

  7. Hi Fight Real Abuse

    I understand the existence of reasonable doubts about did-he-didn't-he, when there are "just" allegations.

    In the case of Moshe Katsav, he was investigated for two years, tried, and unanimously found Guilty by a 3-Judge court.

    Efforts to deny the compelling nature of the process and results, where the court cases was totally behind closed doors, can only amount to pathetic conspiracy theories.

    What interest do you have in pooh-pooing the legal process?! What's your real agenda here?

    Judging from the rest of your Comment, "The people forwarding your belief were "reported" to the welfare department" - you have been impacted by a 'false' accusation.

    Of course false accusations exist - according to The Israel Child Protection Organization, 3% of reports of child abuse to the welfare services are found to be false.

    I am sorry if you or your friend were amongst these - and understand that this might lead you to championing Moshe Katsav's lack-luster cause.

    Those with clearer eye-sight, will see the result for what it really is - a heavy-hearted (because of the national shame) victory for all victims.

  8. Hmmm, Mr Fight Real Abuse. This sounds a lot like something happening much much closer to home and right now. Everything sounds the same except the Yerida part. Coincidental?

  9. David, I don't know about you, but I certainly have no trust is some high -court Israeli (left - wing?) judges
    That are well-known for their honest,unbiased and Torahdik opinions. If he's guilty, then he should definitely be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But who really knows..


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