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The King's Son, The Gulf War and Obama

Along with millions of my countrymen, I have been appalled at Obama and Kerry's 11th hour abandonment of Israel, the US's loyal and stalwart democratic ally in the Middle East. Seeking spiritual meaning in these macro-events, I recall the experience of living in Israel during the first Gulf War (1990-91). Thirty-nine Scud Missiles were fired from Iraq into Israel during that war. With each rocket, the warning sirens blared and we Israelis ran for our 'sealed-rooms', put on our gas masks, and prayed. According to reports, either 39 or 38 Scud Missiles hit Israel, with a total casualty toll of two deaths (one reportedly a heart attack), one severely wounded, ten seriously wounded and around 230 people lightly wounded. According to reports, there was an additional Scud Alarm sounded in Israel at the end of the Gulf War, but that missile never hit Israel. Instead, that single Scud missile was fired at Saudi Arabia and hit a US barraks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, k

Reviews of Photo Aps

If you, like me, are from the era of Kodak Instamatic, Polaroid, and (for the more sophisticated), Single Lens Reflex, then you probably share my awe for the power of 'simple' phone cameras, and the wizardry now offered by photo processing aps. Over the past year I have been discovering the amazing power of my (then new) Samsung Galaxy S5 phone camera. The quality of simple 'snaps', can be astounding, and the behind the camera operations, functions and options are also (with a little practice) impressive. But the ultimate photographic experience is combining the sophisticated little camera on the phone, with a range of (usually free) photo processing aps. Perhaps the most popular photo ap is Instagram , used by over 500 million people, which offers photo editing, a range of beautifying filters and a social media combo - allowing you to publicise your great photos to people/friends who may be appreciative of you and your work. You are warmly invited to "