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Mazaltov to Prince William and Princess Catherine/Kate!

As a British Israeli , I feel very proud of the Royal Family, and the marvelous wedding today. Wonderful occasion - the Very Best of British. Rak B'Anglia! As an Israeli, I particularly got "naches" (pride) from the prominence of England's Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, and I noted the Hymn "Jerusalem", during the Wedding Service at Westminster Abbey, which envisions a time when: "We have built Jerusalem In England’s green and pleasant land. ". I think this calls for a Royal Visit to Israel - for William & Kate to see the real Jerusalem!! Mazaltov to the new Royal Couple!!

Hilarious Latma Video - "Dayeinu"

I just spotted this - rather late for the Pessach season, but still worth watching - hilarious!!

"Vandals" Destroy Charity Fundraising Banners

Wondered why Lema'an Achai had a "low-profile" campaign for Pessach? According to Rabbi Avrohom Leventhal, Executive Director of the prize-winning Ramat Bet Shemesh  Community Charity,  Lema'an Acha i ,  thirty Lema'an Achai street-banners were designed, produced and hung prominently around the neighborhood to promote Lema'an Achai's kimche depischa Passover campaign.  Only four banners survived. From evidence left where the banners had been hung, it seems that these were systematically cut and ripped down. At some locations, there were also evidence of burning. It seems that this was not general vandalism, but a targeted attack, as banners at the same or close-by locations from other organizations, were undamaged. This past Rosh Hashana the same thing happened - with dozens of Lema'anb Achai banners ripped down in one night. Suggestions at the time that the Municipality may have done it, were proven unfounded. This was apparently the work o

Warning: Attempted Child Abductor/Molester Operating in Bet Shemesh/RBS

Warning from "Magen" It has come to our attention that there is a man driving around Ramat Bet Shemesh who has tried to abduct children, usually girls from the street. He has seen to be driving an old white 1991 year Subaru type car (box like). He is darkish in complexion, has a beard (not short), and was wearing a velvet Kippa. The car seats had lines on them – in a crisscross pattern which creates a pattern of small ‘boxes’ or ‘squares’. His modus operandi seems to be that he drives next to the child, stops and calls to them saying he has sweets/mamtakim, or that he is lost and needs directions on how to go out of the Rama. When the children approached the car he tried to grab them and then attempted to molest them. His last known attempts were on Nahal Arugot. This person may have been seen a few years ago doing similar activities – or at times sitting in a car doing activities not meant for the public domain. Anyone who notices anything strange of this natur

Radio: Rav Shlomo Aviner with David Morris & R.Avrohom Leventhal

Rav Shlomo Aviner invited me and Rav Avrohom Leventhal to join him live on his weekly Ask The Rabbi program on Reshet Moreshet, national radio station "Reshet Bet", on Thursday 14th April, just before Pessach. This apparently is a popular show, listened to primarily by people up late, preparing for shabbat. In this case, they were also preparing for Pessach. I was stuck in an unparalleled traffic-jam going through Meah Shearim, so I arrived somewhat flustered, and several minutes late! However, it is a one-and-a-half hour program - and there was plenty of time to ask any questions we wanted, and also to plug Lema'an Achai to a national audience. I wanted to ask Rav Aviner about the controversial letter of support he wrote to ex-President Moshe Katzav (see my article about that  ) - but the program producer asked me not to.   Instead I asked about Korban Pessach, Canola Oil,

Grief for Daniel Viflic

Tragically, just 16 years old, Daniel Viflic, who was critically injured by an anti-tank missile, which was fired by terrorists from Gaza at the school bus he was riding ten days ago in the South of Israel, succumbed from his wounds, and he died yesterday. Baruch Dayan HaEmet. I do not recall such an outpouring of people, and grief, in Beit Shemesh. Surely over a thousand people came late last night (on Erev Pessach - a busy time for orthodox Jews) to the funeral at the Eretz Hachaim Cemetery in Beit Shemesh. It was indicative of the volume of people who came to mourn and console, that the ample car parking for the cemetery overflowed on to the main 38 Highway and onwards for another kilometer. The show of unity, and shared pain, with the Viflic family was staggering. An unspeakable tragedy, shared by so many. Vehi zichro baruch . ---------- The Fund established to help the Viflic family is still open - donations can be made at:

Brachos for Lema'an Achai's "Kimche Depischa"

Today I was zoche to meet gedolei yisrael. I attach photos of me today with Rav Chaim Kanievsky s hlita (the date is wrong on the camera setting! - should read today 15th April, 2011) with Rabbi Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman shlita I had four reasons to visit these gedolim: 1. An urgent shaila regarding pikuch nefesh mamash (life or death issue). 2. Tefilla for Raphael Daniel Ariyeh ben Tamar - Daniel Viflic - the victim of the missile attack on a school bus last week, now in critical condition - literally hanging between life & death, H' Yirachem - in Soroka Hospital, Beersheva. The Viflic's are beloved members of our community in Ramat Bet Shemesh. 3. Brachot for the success of Lema'an Achai , in particular for our Kimche Depischa/Maot Chitim (Passover Aid) Campaign 4. Brachot for the new child protection organization, " Magen ". I am pleased to report a successful mission, on all four fronts. And an amazing opportunity to spend time

Emergency Terror Victim Fund - Daniel Viflic

The victim of last week's utterly evil missile attack on a school bus, is local Bet Shemesh/RBS resident Daniel Viflic, aged 16. Daniel is in critical condition - and his family asks all of us to daven for his survival and recuperation (Raphael Daniel Arieh ben Tamar). The coming hours are extremely important. Lema'an Achai, the RBS Chesed Organization, is coordinating all efforts to help the family, shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues at "One Family" (who specialise in assisting Terror Victims) and "Paamonim" (who specialise in financial and small business structuring). * How You Can Help * The Viflic family run a small catering business, and right now (coming up to Pessach) was planned to be their peak season. Due to the horrific circumstances the Viflic's are now suffering, the business will be non-existent during this period. Unfortunately, there is no cash reserve to fall back on. In order to float the business and the family unt

Praying for Daniel

10th April - Update: Raphael Daniel Aryeh ben Tamar (Viflic) remains in critical condition. His family asks for us all to pray for Daniel's life, and Be"H, his full recovery. Previous Posting:  The victim of yesterday's utterly evil missile attack upon a school bus near Gaza, was local Bet Shemesh/RBS resident, Daniel Viflic. Daniel, just 16, is now fighting for his life, in critical condition, in Saroka Hospital, Beersheva, due to extensive injuries throughout his body, particularly to his head. Daniel and his family are popular residents of the Ramat Bet Shemesh community. Daniel was reportedly on his way to visit his grandparents who live in the Negev. The family are regular attendees at my shul, Ohr Shalom, and Aish Kodesh, and are well known for their Chinese food businesses in the area. Prayer sessions for Daniel are being held in local synogogues. Please join all of us, in praying for the life and speedy recuperation of [ Update 8/4/11 - New Name

Sheleg and Me

Sheleg, my eleven year old dog, hadn't eaten in over two weeks. Sheleg was found eleven years ago, by my kids, as a fluffy white puppy abandoned next to the rubbish bins near our home. The vet reckoned he was a mix of Labrador and Canaanite Shepherd dog. Sheleg has been a constant and loyal companion ever since, accompanying us on hikes in the local hills of Bet Shemesh and around the country; Sheleg is always welcoming as we walk through the door; on the other hand, he has faithfully protected my family, such as by chasing away burglars (occasionally) and cats (often). My kids have only ever known our family as being mum, dad, six kids, and Sheleg. When Sheleg vomited up his food and couldn't control his bladder, and lay around exhausted, distracted, in pain, the time came to take him to the vet. An eleven year old family-sized dog is considered elderly. The vet, Dr Yoni, undertook a range of tests on Sheleg, including an ultrasound, blood tests and physical. When I

Message to Bet Shemesh Residents

By Rabbi Dov Lipman From 2005-2009 the Bet Shemesh municipality charged more in arnona (city taxes) than they should have on the basis of a one year allowance which the government granted them in 2004. A resident of the city complained in court and the city came to a compromise with this person - half the amount and it will go to shuls. This is our money! We are are talking about between 300 NIS and 500 NIS for each of us. I assume that everyone could have a use for this money which belongs to you. Please write back to me with your name, zehut number, address, and phone number and I will add you to our objection which we are submitting to the judge tomorrow when he will make the compromise final. Please send me the information as early as possible today. If you can, please come to my home at 12/2 Maapilei Egoz apt. 2 to sign. Thank you and I hope to hear back from all of you. Dov