Message to Bet Shemesh Residents

By Rabbi Dov Lipman

Rav Lipman

From 2005-2009 the Bet Shemesh municipality charged more in arnona (city taxes) than they should have on the basis of a one year allowance which the government granted them in 2004.

A resident of the city complained in court and the city came to a compromise with this person - half the amount and it will go to shuls.

This is our money!

We are are talking about between 300 NIS and 500 NIS for each of us. I assume that everyone could have a use for this money which belongs to you.

Please write back to me with your name, zehut number, address, and phone number and I will add you to our objection which we are submitting to the judge tomorrow when he will make the compromise final.

Please send me the information as early as possible today. If you can, please come to my home at 12/2 Maapilei Egoz apt. 2 to sign.
Thank you and I hope to hear back from all of you.



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