"Vandals" Destroy Charity Fundraising Banners

Wondered why Lema'an Achai had a "low-profile" campaign for Pessach?

According to Rabbi Avrohom Leventhal, Executive Director of the prize-winning Ramat Bet Shemesh  Community Charity, Lema'an Achai,  thirty Lema'an Achai street-banners were designed, produced and hung prominently around the neighborhood to promote Lema'an Achai's kimche depischa Passover campaign. 

Only four banners survived.

From evidence left where the banners had been hung, it seems that these were systematically cut and ripped down. At some locations, there were also evidence of burning.

It seems that this was not general vandalism, but a targeted attack, as banners at the same or close-by locations from other organizations, were undamaged.

This past Rosh Hashana the same thing happened - with dozens of Lema'anb Achai banners ripped down in one night. Suggestions at the time that the Municipality may have done it, were proven unfounded. This was apparently the work of individuals.

Passover is traditionally a time for giving large amounts of charity, to help poor families to meet the high expenses of the Passover celebrations. 

Rabbi Leventhal explained: "These banners cost 200 NIS ($60) each - which was sponsored by local businesses. Now, understandably, some of these sponsors don't want to pay."

"Being out-there in the streets is an essential component of raising the necessary funds for over two hundred local poor families."

"It is hard to fathom why anyone would seek to sabotage the fundraising campaign for Passover..."

"The effect of these attacks is to directly hurt the poorest families in the town," said Rabbi Leventhal.

If you have any information which could lead to the identification of the culprit/s, please contact Rabbi Leventhal. Call: 02-9991553 with information, or email avrohom@lemaanachai.org
More information about the work of Lema'an Achai see: www.lemaanachai.org 


  1. It should be easy enough to do some 'fishing' - put a couple of banners with security cameras on them.


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