Hoax Letter Sent to Synagogue

            (Beis Tefillah Synagogue, Ramat Beit Shemesh)

The following hoax letter has been sent to members of the Beis Tefillah Synagogue board of management, as if it was written by Rabbi CM [ed. name respectfully withheld] who serves as their rabbi:

I think that as long as David Morris sets policy for L.A [ed. Lema'an Achai], and is their public face,  I will not allow L.A. to use the Shul for fundraising purposes.

This will change if:

1)David M apologizes publicly for stating,and insinuating again and again(in many forums,but especially in his childish Tzedek Tzedek blog) that , as a group ,  "Rabbis" (of RBSA ) are guilty of aiding and abetting and enabling child molesters.(And that of course that leaves LA to come to the rescue of our children.)


2)LA  publicly , clearly,and unambiguously disavows such statements .They must say--we clearly,and unambiguously ,disavow  statements or blogs which say or imply that  Rabbis  of RBSA (as a group ) aid or abet or enable child molesters.

3)I am convinced that David M is no longer the setter of policy for LA and is no longer their public face.

You may send this to whomever you wish.

Regretfully, this letter is definitely and without doubt a hoax, perhaps a pre-Purim prank – it is certainly not genuine. I will prove this by textual and contextual analysis:

David Morris sets policy  for L.A

David Morris does not "set policy" for Lema'an Achai. David Morris can't "set policy". As a registered amuta/NPO overseen by an elected board of 9 volunteer directors of high standing; David Morris is simply one vote. All policy and protocol must be approved by a majority. In addition the organization has poskim (halachik authorities) who review and approve policy.
The real Rav CM certainly knows how Lema'an Achai operates as Rav CM himself has kindly served as the stand-in possek for Rav Soloveichik (summer 2008).

Therefore the writer of this letter cannot be Rav CM, and must be an imposter.

 I will not allow L.A. to use the Shul for fundraising purposes

The writer seems to be threatening to place a cherem (ban) in the Beis Tefillah synagogue on Lema'an Achai, a charity which helps hundreds of poor families in the neighborhood, including members of that same synagogue!
Beis Tefillah proudly posts in its entrance lobby and on its web site a Mission Statement: To Maintain and expand an OPEN and TOLERANT kehilla/community.
Putting a cherem on an individual, or even worse, a whole organization dedicated to helping the poor, is simply not Beis Tefillah's style. There is nothing OPEN and TOLERANT about a cherem on Lema'an Achai.
There is simply no way the real Rav CM would even think of imposing a cherem; and certainly his community are enlightened people, who espouse tolerance and promote achdus (unity) in our community.

I can only assume this imposter has never even set foot in Beis Tefillah!

David M apologizes publicly for stating,and insinuating again and again that…. , as a group ,  "Rabbis" (of RBSA ) are guilty of aiding and abetting and enabling child molesters.

David Morris has never stated nor implied such an outrageous thing. Of course rabbis as a group are not guilty of aiding and abetting and enabling child molesters.

The real Rav CM is well aware that David has never said nor suggested this.

David Morris met with Rav CM on 15th September in Rav CM's office and David explained in the clearest possible terms that David's sole and only machlokes (dispute) with Rav CM is regarding a shitta (methodology) for dealing with cases of child abuse.

Rav CM knows that this machlokes is not about any other issue, such as kevod lerabbonim (respect for rabbis) or about daas torah (rabbinical authority), about which Rav CM and David Morris are in total agreement.

(in many forums,but especially in his childish Tzedek Tzedek blog)

Firstly, it is well know that The Gedolim have banned the internet in general and blogs in particular (even chareidi blogs). There is no way that Rav CM, who follows his daas torah, would spend his invaluable time surfing the net in general, nor reading Tzedek-Tzedek blog in particular.

And, even in the unlikely case Rav CM did read Tzedek-Tzedek, Rav CM reads English well, and so do members of his community. They can simply check out the blog for themselves and they will not find anywhere that it says on Tzedek-Tzedek that "rabbis as a group etc, etc.."

childish Tzedek Tzedek

Tzedek-Tzedek includes articles supporting David Morris position on the shitta from rabbonim and lay-experts, including Rav Yosef Blau (Mashgiach Ruchani of Yeshiva University) and Michael Lesher (the child protection attorney). Jonanthan Rosenblum (author and journalist) has written for Tzedek-Tzedek about this issue.

David Morris' own articles written for Tzedek-Tzedak have been extensively republished, including in the Jewish Press, serving to increase awareness about child abuse throughout the Jewish world.

In the highly unlikely case that Rav CM were to have read Tzedek-Tzedek, he would certainly  appreciate the seriousness of the subject matter, the caliber of the contributing authors, and the level of the debate.

The real Rav CM would also not have used the word "childish", as he would surely be sensitive to the fact that that word is doubly offensive, when the context is about child abuse.

Unlike Rav CM, this imposter clearly doesn't read English, and even pretends that Rav CM is insensitive to the issue of child abuse.

"LA  publicly , clearly,and unambiguously disavows…"

In light of Rav CM's previous accusations against David Morris, Lema'an Achai issued a clarifying letter which was distributed and published according to the minutia of Rav CM's requests. Rav CM assured Lema'an Achai that this closed and settled the issue.

This imposter is simply re-opening an issue which is old-hat and passé, and demanding letters which have already been written!

This prankster probably never even saw that previous letter, which anyone can read for themselves online:

I am convinced that David M is no longer the setter of policy for LA and is no longer their public face.

Clearly it is out of line for a community rabbi to direct who should or should not be the elected leader of an independent community organization.

Rav CM is an experienced community rabbi and dayan, who understands boundaries, and would certainly not interfere nor torpedo due process in this way.

Shame on this imposter!

You may send this to whomever you wish

We are all aware of internet scams, virus alerts, and the curse of "spamming". Appeals to "send to everyone on your mailing list" are a sure give-away that an email is not for real.

Of course, the last thing the real Rav CM would want is for such an outrageous email, which would surely disappoint, distress and enrage many in the Ramat Bet Shemesh community, would be spammed around like junk-mail.

Conclusion: I have shown conclusively, and proven beyond reasonable doubt, that the board of management of Beis Tefillah have been the victims of a scam, a hoax, a pre-Purim joke. Rav CM is clearly the unfortunate victim of an impersonator and even of identity theft.

I sympathize deeply for the pain this must surely have caused Rav CM, and I call for an end to such outrageous and destructive behavior by this prankster.

In future, the license afforded by Purim must be used more responsibly.


  1. A brilliant response, David, to an outrageous attack upon you and upon Lema'an Achai.

  2. Isn't this the same Rabbi CM who sided with Rabbi Slifkin?

  3. I can't believe that an open, educated kehilla such a BTYA would stand for such action against an organization like Lema'an Achai.
    It would make me wonder what they have flowing through the air ducts in there.

  4. Anonymous: "Isn't this the same Rabbi CM who sided with Rabbi Slifkin?"

    Yes, and David's article is a spoof of Malinowitz' attack on Perlstein:

  5. I am ashamed of my shul and, it pains me deeply to say it, ashamed of my rav.

    It is a sad day for me...very very disappointing.

  6. I am not sure understand what this a hoax or not? Or is David Morris being nice by writng that it was a hoax? If this indeed was a real letter sent out can someone please boher to explain what is happening here?

    Very Perplexed

  7. Dear Very Perplexed,
    The letter is not a hoax; David is just being (too) nice to R.Malinowitz.
    Malinowitz has banned Lema'an Achai from fundraising in Beis Tefillah, because of David Morris' stand on child abuse.
    David's position is that child abuse cases should be reportd to the authorities (police, social services etc), as required by law and professional protocol.
    Malinowitz' position is that Malinowitz, Kornfeld and their Tznius/Modesty Patrol friends should handle them.
    Malinowitz prefers slamming a cherem on the poor, rather than discussing this issue rationally.
    Are you still Very Perplexed?

  8. When are the decent people of this city going to stand up for Lema'an Achai, David Morris and all that is right?

    Or are there just too few decent people left to stand up?

  9. Wow. I knew where this was going before I read the comments. What a disgrace. It is not the place of Rabbonim to deal with crime, it is for the police. This is is clear and simple. To speak out against the people who are trying to help is disgraceful.

    In heaven the angels were crying...

  10. Dear Robert,
    Thank you for explaining. I do not live in Ramat Bet Shemesh but I agree with you Robert this is not fair to the poor. I also know that Lman Achai is guided by me good friend who is a special person and a talmid chacham and is a ROV in the community I feel an attack on lman achai is an attack on him as well. It is not necessary to mention his name here and he takes after his father who was also very special. This Rov even as a child was concerned about the poor and with people who had problems. If someone would murder someone would we not go to the police? Abuse at least what we know about it now can harm a kid for life so why is there any question here of waht to do and even if you don't agree with apprach why do the poor have to suffer. The recent scandel that just occurred they did not got to the police and look what happened. We should share in good news and I hoep that the Rabbi CM will have a change of heart and allow you in to raise the necessary funds and that people reading this will be smart enough to give despite what was said and David Morris you should be rewarded in all your efforts. We are living in trying times and keep up your good work.

    Kol tuv,
    Shabbat Shalom
    Gut Shabbos
    no longer very perplexed but I am very saddened by this.


  11. Voice Your Protest!!18 February 2010 at 20:28

    Although posting here might relieve some tension it will not cause progress.
    Speak to your friends at Beis Tfilla and ask them how they can continue to daven in this "ir hanidachas"

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. I am surprised by the level of disrespect and animosity shown for the rabbi mentioned here. I don't know one side more than the other, but I see nothing here that shows this was definitely a personal issue rather than a "kehilla" issue. By kehilla I mean some sort of kehilla concern.

    Maybe Rabbi Malinowitz has a good reason to be upset? Maybe despite David Morris claim to not having been disrespectful, perhaps he was or perhaps he wasnt but it came out that way (and David does not see it because he is too close to the issue).

    I don't know. But I see nothing here that warrants the level of chutzpah being verbalized (typed) against a respected rav.

  14. Don't be so quick to judge19 February 2010 at 00:39


    If you don't know then don't comment.

    Those people who do know realise that Rav Malinowitz has been involved in attacking David Morris for quite some time. David has never attacked him. What he put on this blog was a defence to these unwarranted attacks.

    And yes, Yanky, even a respected Rav can make serious errors.

    Just look around at current events.

  15. As a BT member, I am glad this came to a head since the Beis Tefilla "Board(bored? sic) must now reach a decision. It is deplorable when a Rav can issue a "fatwa" based on nothing more than his own dented ego. Members are being shed faster than dandruff off Kolko's jacket. If board members are reading this-shame on you. Do the honorable thing. We cannot have a Rav who will not support families through the horror of child abuse and, yes, these families exist in Beis Tefilla. David, Kol HaKavod for your brillaint and intelligent response. Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

  16. If this wasn't true I'd think it was a Purim joke. This is the shul that advertises and hosts events promoting achdus in the community? Mwahahahahahahaha!

  17. how is he harming the poor?

    if he doesnt allow lemaan achai in, he is simply directing the poor to other organizations. Who says the poor are losing out?

    and why do you say he doesnt support people in distressful times? just because he has a different method than David Morris does? Personally I feel they have the right to have a difference of opinions and to each promote a different approach. Sure, it would be nice if they could find common ground to work together, or to discuss each ones approach and see if one can better the other, improve, come up with something even better.
    But who says they have to agree?

    This fight isn't about who's approach to dealing with accusations of abuse is better or right, and saying this one's or that one's approach is better doesn't mean the other approach is not legitimate.

    I don't like the fact that Lemaan Achai is getting hurt, and I don't understand why it is happening. But it seems that it is a fight about a nuance in perception. don't make it into an issue of Rav Malinowitz being a supporter of abuse, or ambivalent to abuse. You dont have to like his method, but you cant deny him the right to have a method that he thinks is better or more correct.

  18. Interesting grammatical point. The prefix "Mal" is usually assiciated with the concept of "negative" or "bad".
    Mal-evolant, Mal-practise, mal-function, mal-treatment, mal-ignant, mal-odorous.
    Hmm...is this coincidental?

  19. Rafi,

    I agree with you 100%. But as a Rav and Dayan don't you feel that the proper way for Rav Malinowitz to handle this would be debate or discussion, not cherem.

    If you look at the 2 sides it is obvious who has been the gentleman here and who has been a hot head.

  20. I am not supporting a cherem, but I dont think "gentleman" and "hothead" are how we decide anything. As a matter of fact, Rav M didnt publicize anything. It was all in private correspondence. That is far from being a hothead. It was DM who publicized the private correspondence, and perhaps he should have, perhaps he was obligated to, but why would you call it being a gentleman? It is what it is. Each made decisions how to react, and we only are hearing one side right now.

    Again, I dont know why he made this decision against Lemaan Achai - it makes no sense to me. But I dont see hothead, and even if, that doesnt resolve anything.

    Talking about getting rid of Rav M because of this one issue is ridiculous. You dont like one thing about somebody and that is the end f the world? You think anybody really cares, at the end of the day, so much about which organization they give tzedaka to that they will create upheaval in their shul where they like most things over this one issue? Some individuals might leave over this issue, some will leave over something else they dont like, some over other things, some will join because of this or that. People make decisions all the time. There will not be a mass upheaval over this issue, and there shouldnt be. One issue isnt a reason to do what anybody here suggested.

  21. Rafi G. DM only received this because someone from the shul board passed on an internal email. Maybe this is indicative of things finally changing from within. We all know you support the Rav, but, contrary to your posting, this is not the first time he has expressed publicly petulant behaviour. Members are not sticking around, apart from his "locker-room" boys and an inner circle drawn by this near-cult of his "personality". A Rav is meant to be an Anav. Why did this emarge while the Rav was in Chul? Its fairly obvious. Because in Lakewood and Monsey, things ARE changing. The Gedolim there ARE cooperating with police and CPS and getting things done. Unless the Rav has had a courtroom and jail built under Beis Tefilla then ,whatever his opinion might be on the subject, he has ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to object to or hinder sexual abuse investigations. While in Chul, this may have been pointed out to him in strong enough terms to provoke a relapse in his chronic ego condition. After all, he doesn't have many fans there in the abuse-aware community. UOJ gave him one of the coveted "roach motel awards".

    Hothead doesn't go far enough.

  22. How does this differ from the other bans (on yesh, Shefa Shuk, etc)?
    It differs greatly...that is business this is tzedaka and chesed.

    And for Rafi- by telling people who have given to LA in the past to stop...he would be chaiv in Bais Din.

    He is causing direct nezek.

  23. As a BT member whose child was abused by another BT member, I have a message for the "Board" who I'm sure are reading this. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! The Rav offers no help or guidance to families in this terrible situation, even ignoring a police-enforced restraining order against the abuser. The "Rav" is a salaried employee, nothing more. How can a shul which hosts an achdus event allow this blatant display of pomposity to continue. Its time to let him go, before even more members leave.

  24. enough - again, I was not aware that he was telling people to not give. this is the first I have heard of that. I was made aware that this issue came up again, of no fundraising campaign, but not more than that.

  25. abused by another BT member? There is obviously a lot going on in shul that I am not aware of. I am not that active, so I guess it makes sense...

  26. It's time to STAND UP & DO S/T19 February 2010 at 11:07

    Can someone clue us all in on what is going on in the “elite, high & holy” Bais Teffila?!
    Members abusing other member’s children!
    A “Rav” who has the audacity to send out such a disgraceful letter!
    A board who is so blinded by reality and are afraid to stand up/ or face the truth!
    It’s time for this ENTIRE community to stand up to the “rabbis” and “big shots” & rally for L.A. and ALL the amazing work they do! I think members of BT should tell the “rabbi” that instead of paying their monthly (very high) membership – which covers his very generous salary – they will be donating the money to L.A. instead, simply bec they want to HELP people (unlike their “rov”)

  27. I have no ideas about the intricacies of this story, and my gut tells me it is a black eye on our wonderful community regardless of who is right or wrong.
    That being said, I am making a public protest of this unacceptable treatment of torah scholars. I refer less to the original article and more to the vitriol of the anonymous posters here. David- this is most unhelpful and inappropriate, and greatly cheapens your valuable blog.

  28. I am adding to my previous post – Let’s stand up and do s/t
    To all the members of BT
    I herby will no longer be using any of your businesses to service me or my family (and I think e/o should join me) if this is the way your ‘rav’ is treating L.A.
    How could you stand by and allow your ‘rav’ to ban fundraising activities in your shul ? We all know that L.A. is an organization run and maintained for the sake of heaven – if you could sit by and watch this ban, I for one will not allow you to earn my money!

  29. As a member of Bais Tefillah I am ashamed. Why need our rabbi punish an organization just because it differs on methodolgy of how to deal with child abusers? This sounds like dirty politics to me.

  30. Former Member of Bais Tefillah19 February 2010 at 13:34

    The more time elapses the more I am convinced that HaRav Chayim Soloveichik is the only source of true leadership in this community.

  31. HaRav Chayim, HaRav Chayim Solo, HaRav Chayim Soloveichik!

    The voice of authentic Torah and sanity in Ramat Beth Shemesh.

  32. HaRav Chayim Soloveichik is a real hero! He has led a valiant effort to protect our children from the child predators!

    May Hashem bless him and strengthen him to continue despite those who attempt to thwart him.

  33. I have never met Rav Chayim Soloveichik but I have heard so many good things. I also feel that my children are that much safer in this neighborhood because of his strong position.

  34. HaRav Chayim Soloveichik has a knack for addressing those issues which are not being addressed by others. His drashas are often devoted to issues of ahavat yisrael, the legitimacy of working for a living, and the fact that one need not join the "chumra of the month" club. He also has frequently spoken of the need to get child abusers out of positions where they will be in contact with our children.

    Indeed, HaRav Chayim Soloveichik is an admirable leader.

  35. THIS CLARIFICATION SHOULD HAVE COME FROM RAV CM, NOT DAVID MORRIS, THE FALSELY ACCUSED!!!!!! Standing by as David's good name is messed up by a party "to be identified," is NOT what Rav CM may do in the spirit of of halacha or l'fi halacha. We are forbidden to see someone in danger and fail to save her/him. Beth Tefillah members should demand a public clarification, a retraction of any negative statements or positions that Rav CM took against David or Lemaan Achai. The disgrace of this! Child molestation is the issue, not the heroes trying to prevent it. If Rav CM does not promote genuine peace with David Morris and Lemaan Achai, then his congregants should walk out of shul and end their memberships in it. CM should use his powers against molesters, not against a hero trying to prevent molestation!

  36. Please stop posting multiple times under different "names" (pinchas, eli, etc...) It is silly

  37. Rav Chayim Soloveichik is a wonderful Jew-kol hakavod for his excellent leadership!

  38. Agreed. It does no good for Rav Soloveitchik when "Former Member of Bais Tefillah", "Nachum," "Schwartz," "Pinchas" and "Eli," who are all clearly the same person, posts the same thing under different names - especially when one of these aliases posts the transparently false statement that "I have never met Rav Chayim Soloveichik."

  39. I was saying "Agreed" to Anonymous. And lo and behold, the Rav Soloveitchik fan posted under yet another alias - "Harris."
    Please stop doing this, you are just undermining your cause, as well as littering this blog.

  40. Interesting how people smear those who admire Rav Soloveichik as though they are only one person. Here's one Soloveichik supporter who has nothing to do with Harris or anyone else.

  41. I'm not "smearing" him. I am also a big fan of Rav Soloveichik, and I know that many hundreds of others are, too. But these comments are all obviously from the same person - the style is identical and the comments are posted in the same time period, on this blog as well as on "Life in Israel." David can confirm this by checking the IP addresses. It's inappropriate and does not help the cause. Just the opposite - it makes people start to question any expression of support for Rav Soloveichik (such as yours) as coming from the same person.

  42. It is my understanding that many members of BT were former members of Ohr Shalom if they feel so strongly against RCM Iam sure that OHr Shalom will welcome them back with open arms. I hope you get all your problems worked out real soon.

  43. I once asked Rav Soloveichik a shayla and we got into a conversation regarding community issues. I am not aware of goings-on enough to say anything about leadership but his attitude semd to be very practical and positive.

  44. Le Ma'an Achai is worthy of all of our support since it is an organization for everybody which helps everybody, truly a symbol of ahavas yisrael.

  45. Some people can't seem to understand that Rav Soloveichik's support reachers farther and deeper in this community than you can imagine.

    How many members of the other shuls go to Rav Soloveichik for halachic questions?

    Many, many indeed.

  46. Ladies & Gentlemen

    Some of this is getting rather silly.

    I would like to remind you that if you wish to post comments on this blog, to please keep to some groundrules:

    1. Please think twice before you write, and once more before you send your comment.

    2. The subject matter on this blog is essentially serious - child abuse, criminality, corruption..etc..

    3. It is seasonally appropriate to make some fun, but let's please not over-do it. Keep on topic!

    4. Obviously, do not spread loshen hora (talebaring), motsei shem rah (character assasination), or other forbidden communications.

    5. Please do not send multiple postings, particularly if they are repeating the same thought or material.

    I wish you all a shabbat shalom - a gud shabbos!

  47. Kol Hakavod to Le-Maan Achai and to a rabbi with a heart of gold, Rav Chaim Soloveichik whose vision helps us move forward.

  48. Please, "Former Member of Bais Tefillah", "Nachum," "Schwartz," "Pinchas," "Eli," "Anonymous" and "I tip my hat," everyone knows that you are the same person! Respect the baal hablog's wishes about not sending multiple postings which are repeating the same thought! Why don't you ask Rav Soloveichik if what you are doing is appropriate? Enough already!

  49. RBSer - thank you, but judging by the number of hits from different IP's, seems to me that many/most of those posting comments are different people.
    You have made your (one) point, now on multiple occasions - 'nuff said?

  50. David-
    Hits from IP's just tell you who saw your blog but not who posted.
    Do you mean the comments were posted from different IP's?

  51. Shame on you, David, airing your dirty laundry in public.
    Abuse is a hideous crime, and needs to be dealt with by the police.
    Now, who will deal with the torrent of hatred, sinat chinam, lashon hara, lies and slander that you have unleashed???

  52. Anonymous above. This is just David's point! The Rabbonim are not dealing with the hideous crime you speak so vehemently about. They are advising their kehilla NOT to go to the police and one Rav put David's organization into cherem because he felt so strongly about David's cause of action! BT was one of Lemaan Achai's biggest donor pools which has now been lost because this Rav does not believe in going to the police! If people's reactions are strong against this disgusting chillul Hashem, then I for one, say so be it! It is no lie that this Rav feels this way. call him and find out! And it is no lie that it is a cowardly and immature approach on behalf of this Rav to ban a social welfare organization because he simply disagrees with them. The more the tide of negative feeling against him, the quicker he'll shut up and concentrate on Torah, not pettiness.

  53. Rav Chaim Soloveitchik is amazing and Lemaan Achai is the only organization in this community who has the strength to stand up to protect our children.

    Do you really think the children in this community are safe? Don't kid yourselves. It is our own Rabbis that are protecting the molesters and allowing them free reign in Ramat Beit Shemsh. This town claims to be a Makom Torah. Do you want the children to hate Torah. Well, if they get molested and the Rabbis protect the molesters, do you really think these children will be Torah Observant Jews? Wake up Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph.

  54. I don't live in RBS and when I read all the goings on that happen I am glad we chose not to move there. The recent scandel that broke last week was originally handled without police involvement and I would say was handled very well but at the end the police will be getting involved because it didnt work. Can someone please explain to me what is the approach of the Rabbonim of RBS who are against going to the police? How exactly do they handle cases of abuse?


  55. The solution is simple. People are not (see bickering above). HaShem offers guidelines. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auj_Ohu8Sb4

  56. I love David Morris, I love Lemaan achai, I love Rav Soloveichik and I love rbs.

  57. The dictate scribed by Rabbi Malinowitz (or CM) which puts into cherem, or bans, or whatever language you want, an effort to control and punish Leman Achai or David Morris, it's not clear which, an effort which will damage the institution's ability to help members of the community, some of them his own congregants, who will at a minimum now will be forced to deal with a crisis of conscious and may have to drag themselves through further humility to get the help they need either in secret by staying with Leman Achai, or by telling their stories over again to a fresh set of ears at another charity, leaves me with more questions than answers.

    1. This is an extreme and severe reaction. Why does R Malinowitz care so much about what David Morris as a person or Leman Achai as an institution think or say about its methodology of trying to help those among the thousands of victims of Child Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox community? Nobody else is taking such a position. DM talked to a newspaper. Big deal. Many people have, some of them rabbis, some of them Charedi, with much harsher things to say. It is no secret that the old way of handling sexual abuse doesn't work. What is so special about this?

    2. Why is he so unwilling to discuss the issue with concerned citizens? Three people I've talked to who try to have an intelligent dialogue with him can't get a foot in the door.

    3. What has HE done in the area of providing education, training, therapy, prosecution of sexual abuse, hotlines, other than redirect people to the comically run Tznius patrol in Jerusalem? Where is the effort in the other direction? How about a little demonization of the perpetrators and sympathy for the victims for a change?

    This kind of thing does not make me want to approach him with my questions about this. But maybe that's OK, because no rabbi can really do very much. Only the professionals, child protective services and the courts have the authority and knowledge to deal with this issue.

  58. ok community - what do we want? Ahavas Yisrael or political infighting? I think all of us should exert whatever pressure we can on both sides of this personal tiff to get it out of sight.

    R"L there will be more mistakes in handling child abuse cases - even if David's desire of making all go through the LA task force were realized.

    This argument is over a past issue, and the Dati Leumi would do well to realize that (a) Charedim don't generally apologize, they just correct quietly, and (b) if it becomes a real drag-down fight, the DL camp is too ethical to survive it - the Charedim don't pull any punches.

    Unfortunate, but that's the reality. Sometimes if you want SHALOM you just have to compromise and put on a good face. And get on with your own work. That wins more supporters anyway.

    Shalom al Yisrael,

  59. I'm back from Turkey!

    If anyone's still reading this posting, and would like to share further information or thoughts with me, please feel free to contact me off-line.

    Email: david AT scitronix.co.il
    Phone: 02 9997107


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