Getting Back Into Photography

As a kid I was quite a keen photographer, and I have happy memories of many hours spent in my home dark-room, developing and printing my own photographs.

Each image took time to take (35mm film, SLR camera, tripod, external flash, light meter, etc) and one carefully selected from the best shots to make prints. The investment in time and materials for each photograph produced was substantial.

Now we all have cameras in our phones, and we can click away merrily whenever the wish or need arises. Furthermore, the idea of printing a photo is largely passe, as the idea is to get the image delivered to viewers quickly, usually across social/digital media.

My Galaxy 5 phone's camera is a remarkable piece of engineering. From the tiny lens, using some very sophisticated image processing, the resolution and quality of 'snaps' can be astounding.

I have taken up my phone/camera and, often using Instagram for enhancement, filters and effects, I am starting to enjoy my renaissance as an amateur photographer. I still have very far to go; I consider these some initial experiments with 2016 technology.

I'll share some of my recent photos here. Feel free to let me know what you think:


These are some pictures I took in Uberlingen, Germany, while on a business trip a couple of weeks ago:

Back in Beit Shemesh:


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