Ba-le-grut – Chaos with the Math Matriculation Exam

The new computer download system for the Israeli national Maths matriculation (Bagrut) crashed today, minutes before the scheduled start of the examination.

The Ministry of Education has switched to a new digital-era method for distributing the examination test papers; this was re-enforced by a leak of the examination paper to some students, who reputedly paid 1000 NIS cash to receive a copy, earlier this week.

However, soon after 1:00pm today, less than an hour before the students were due to put pen to paper, over six hundred schools around the country failed to download the papers, resulting in chaos.

Desperate phone calls and steam-powered fax machines were brought out of retirement to transmit the exam papers from the Ministry to the schools.

I vote all the kids (particularly my son) get a 10 point bonus, as compensation for the stress-factor.  


  1. Somewhere a bunch of kids are looking up at the sky and saying "Thank you for answering my prayer!" to God right about now.


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