Looking for Information about the Amudei Shaish Choir (Sammy/Shmuel Borger)

by Yerachmiel Lopin 

I am preparing a story about the Amudei Shaish Choir and its director, Shmuel Borger. I am looking for details about its founding, operation, and closing. The kinds of information I am seeking include how singers were recruited and treated, the schedules and locations of concerts (especially outside of New York City), the marketing of the choir, and the story behind its closing.
Recently Shmuel Borger has returned to promoting himself through full page ads in The Jewish PressYated Neeman and through a long audio message on the website of Yeshiva World News. 
You can contact me by putting the words “contact me about amudei sheish”  or other words to that effect into a comment on any posting at my blog, FrumFollies.WordPress.com. Choose any name you want and leave me your email address. The email address will not be visible to anyone but me. All information shared with me will be confidential.
Thanking all of you in advance,
Yerachmiel Lopin


  1. David,

    Are you sure you want to link to this guy's site? Based on a quick look, he seems quite quick to throw around accusations without bothering to verify their veracity. You may want to remove this item.

  2. Yerachmiel is collecting solid information in a responsible manner, about a serious issue, and I support him in this.
    Anyone who can provide some information about their experiences in the Amudei Sheish Choir (these kids are now adults) should contact Yerachmiel in the manner he states. If you prefer, you can contact me and I will pass on your information, with total confidentiality, solely to Yerachmiel.


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