Did My Deceased Mother-In-Law Just Vote?

An Elderly Lady Votes (While Alive)

It may qualify as the least funny mother-in-law joke.

We received a phone call at home from a unit investigating the recent election fraud scams in Bet Shemesh.

They were particularly interested in my mother-in-law's voting habits.

My mother-in-law? Voting?

My mother-in-law passed away over three years ago.

That apparently was just the point...

Even though my mother-in-law is in her grave, she is still registered as a voter in Beit Shemesh.

Apparently, part of the (alleged) election fraud was that the scammers called hundreds of local homes impersonating pollsters.  

When the person called by the 'pollster' said that the registered voter would be absent during the election (such as they were travelling abroad, or were in general absent from this world, because they'd died) this went down as a positive finding - and these people's identities were then faked to enable people to vote in their place.

Absent people make great fake voters.

I don't know if my mother-in-law actually did vote in this Beit Shemesh election.

I could guess though, that as I voted Eli Cohen, any mother-in-law would surely have voted for Moshe Abutbol!!


  1. What kind of son-in-law are you? Why shouldn't your mother-in-law get to vote just because she's life-challenged!

  2. Cohanim are not allowed to vote between 10 AM and 12 Noon because that is when the deceased are voting!

    Catriel Lev

  3. Was your Mother in law from Chicago?

  4. They are maminim in techiyas hameisim on election day. Shoyn!

  5. Any Beit Shemesh resident that did not vote for any reason whatsoever in the municipal elections -
    out of the country, out of town, didn't get around to it, didn't care to, in the army, sick, dead, etc -
    and of course if you went to vote and were told that you already did -

    please contact today.


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