Tonight at 5pm there will be a protest to support Lemaan Achai against the Iriya.

Rav Haber and the Vaad support this protest, and if you can participate in some way, it is highly recommended.

For further information, there is an email below from Dov Lipman.

Thank You.
KSY Vaad

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From: Dov Lipman
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 1:36 PM
Subject: The Lemaan Achai protest is ON

It was a morning full of negotiations and back and forth between city representatives and the demonstration organizers and, in the end, we are moving forward with the demonstration this evening.  It was obvious that the demonstration has thrown many at City Hall into panic mode, clearly showing the effectiveness of the demonstration, but they did not offer enough to make us back down.  Anything short of official recognition of the role which Lemaan Achai plays in the city and making it a formal and official line in the city budget is not acceptable to us.
Please make the effort to come to City Hall this evening at 5:00p.m. to join us a we demonstrate against this injustice.
I encourage everyone to go to the following link to act with another form of protest - especially if you cannot attend this evening.
Dov Lipman


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