Smashing Success! Demo For Lema'an Achai

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come to tonight's demonstration which was a smashing success by all definitions.  We raised the awareness level regarding the issue of Lemaan Achai and the city budget to level it has simply never reached.   The fact that a not so well liked Deputy Mayor felt the need to come out to face the crowd and address the issue or was sent out by his boss showed that it was a tremendous success.  The Mayor absolutely took notice and the resulting heated discussion/debate in the city council meeting showed how the Lemaan Achai left out of the budget issue is one they cannot ignore. 
Thank you to those who wrote on the city's facebook page about this.  The city spokesman came over to me after the city council meeting and told me that they were on shock and that the Mayor was being updated with how many people wrote on there.  Therefore, please please write a message on the following link:   You have to click on "like" in order to post a message but then you can "unlike" yourself afterwards and your message will remain.  Please try to write in Hebrew if you can.
I will continue to send updates as developments unfold in the coming days.
Thank you again to everyone who came, tried to come, or signed the page.
Dov Lipman


  1. Was there any positive feedback from the Iriyah after the protest regarding this issue?


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