Protest for Lema'an Achai

Last week's public protest in support of Lema'an Achai was remarkably successful.

The issue of zero municipal funding for Lema'an Achai received more attention in the week of the demonstration than for the whole previous ten dry years! 

There was also extensive coverage in the past weekend's local press - as a counterbalance to the Council's approval of the 2011 Budget.

Here is a selection of photos of the occasion (pictures courtesy of Daniel Gilad):

Protest Organizer Rabbi Dov Lipman

Demo Organizer Rabbi Dov Lipman (Left) with Zvi Wolicki from Chen Party 

R.Dov Lipman with Councilor Shalom Lerner (Beyachad Party)

R.Dov Lipman with Natan Shitreet (Likud Party)

R.Dov Lipman with Councilor Motti Cohen 

Councilor Meir Balayish (sent out of the Budget meeting to address the crowd by Mayor Moshe Abutbol)


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