I recently wrote an article about my feelings on seeing a photo of Women of the Wall. 

The intention was to share my feelings, and generate a discussion, even a debate, about the issues of acceptable boundaries in behaviour at our Holy Sites.

However, it is clear that many fine people found the article itself hurtful and offensive.

This was certainly not my intention and I have therefore taken down the article.

I whole heartedly apologize for the hurt that this article caused and sincerely request ‘slicha’.


  1. Apology accepted !!!
    I didn't have a problem with your article, just the picture.

  2. Wasn't offended. Just thought your approach was extreme. Would have enjoyed continuing the discussion, but do respect your apology.

    You do have to admit though, it's kind of ironic that you offended so many people in a post about being offended. :)

    1. Yes Menachem - I fully appreciated the irony...

  3. I totally associated with the feelings you expressed in your article.

    I think the majority of reasonable people in Israel find WoW parading themselves with talitot and tefilin offensive, provocative and that they are disturbing the sanctity of the kotel.

    Whereas I admire your willingness to retract, rather than offend, it is a pity that you succumbed to pressure.

    David, pleased continue to speak your mind and express your feelings!

  4. David, as a blogger who has pulled down a few posts over the years I respect your decision. However, if you figure out how to express your views more sensitively, I hope you will put it back up. I happened to diasagree with that post, but would have welcomed the dialogue in comments. Keep up your postings.

  5. I too am sorry to see that you took it down! Dialogue is good...


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