Who Won?

Every commentator in the country - and many beyond our borders - are discussing the ins-and-outs of the ceasefire (now holding for 24 hours) between Israel and Hamas.

My 2 cents is that the biggest game-changer in the conflict was the new Iron Dome Air Defence System - which is now a major step towards neutralising Hamas' ground-to-ground missile capabilities.

There's not much point in Hamas continuing to invest millions of dollars, and the lives of numerous Hamas operatives, if each missile fired at Israel will be shot out of the sky by Iron Dome.

To appreciate how astounding Iron Dome is, consider how difficult it would be to shoot a bullet with a bullet.

The IDF is reporting a 90+% success rate for Iron Dome intercepting incoming threats to Israeli cities. (Many of the missiles which landed, were deliberately not intercepted by Iron Dome, due to their trajectory missing the cities).

The Israeli technology and its results (so far....and they will only improve!) are awesome.

So, while one can speculate about what will be (ceasefire will/will not hold, agreements will/won't be agreed, etc) - the fact is that Israel has improved its deterrence on Hamas - and this message will not be lost on Hizbollah and Iran.

I vote that America pays for another twenty Iron Dome systems, and the longer-range in-development "David's Sling",  for the rest of Israel's population centers.

Meanwhile - On to the Elections!!


  1. Who won?
    The weapons suppliers. That's who always wins.


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