PSA - Call For Volunteers for Emergency Relief in Beit Shemesh

Unfortunately war has broken out and everyone wants to do what they can to help -"Mi k'Amcha Yisrael".

The Home Guard has given instructions to the Beit Shemesh Iriyah to not officially organize hosting/absorption of "refugees" from the South since BS is almost in the firing range and we need to keep all the available resources we have in our town for our residents including empty buildings, centres, professional services, volunteers etc.

Ezrat Achim has set up a nationwide system that will arrange hosting in towns all over Israel including in BS/RBS for the families who wish to come here (they say that there aren't many who want to be in BS/RBS).  Anyone who would like to host or be hosted should call Ezrat Achim at 999-0000.

The Iriya is relying on Lema'an Achai (as well as other non-profit organizations) to recruit volunteers.   We don't need you right now but we're busy preparing lists of volunteers who will be available and prepared when needed (it could be tomorrow!).  We're asking for teenagers and adults, professionals and non-professionals alike to come offer your services.
We'll need general volunteers as extra hands and specifically teachers, gananot, psychologists and other therapists especially for trauma, doctors, first responders, organizational skills, handymen, entertainment for kids including clowns, magicians, juggling, puppet shows, musicians etc etc etc.

Please call:
Susan at Lema'an Achai - 547-1802 or
Eytan Dzikowski - 054-691-1623 or

Susan Hoffman
Chana Pasternak z"l Programs and Volunteers Director
Lema'an Achai


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