Ping Pong with Hamas?

Israel’s most pressing threat is not Hamas, but Iran.

It is true that Hamas is armed to the teeth with rockets and missiles, and is trigger-happy to use them on Israel’s populations.

However, Iran is developing a nuclear weapon, with means of delivery – which is planned to result in the decimation of Israel.

So why has Israel’s leadership and armed forces apparently been distracted into a parochial war against Hamas?

When the IDF assassinated Ahmed Jabari and his son Mohammed al-Homs last Wednesday, with gall and in broad daylight, Israel’s leadership surely knew it would provoke Hamas into a belligerent response.

Hamas so far has fired over seven hundred rockets and missiles at Israel’s population centers throughout the South, and even in central Israel. With no end in sight. 

What’s the point in this deathly ping-pong with Hamas??

I propose that the answer is that it is a pre-emptive strike by Israel, in advance of a direct attack on Iran

One of the disincentives for Israel to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, is the likely counterattack by Iran’s proxies.

There are three proxies on Israel’s borders, being the Assad regime in Syria, the Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. They are each formidably armed - supplied and paid for by the Iranians.

Add this to Iran’s own long range surface to surface missiles, airforce and navy (including submarines) – the result would be a four front war for Israel, placing every town, indeed every Israeli, in immense peril.

Syria is today fully occupied with their civil war, and has ceased to present an imminent credible threat to Israel, even in the event of our attack upon Iran.

This leaves Hamas and Hezbollah.

A month ago, the Yarmouk Arms in factory was destroyed in Khartoum, Sudan, reportedly by Israeli planes. Iran was manufacturing Fajr-5 surface to surface missiles there, for onward shipment through the Sinai to Gaza.

Indeed such an arms convoy from Sudan to Gaza was destroyed, apparently by Israel, in January 2009.

Last week, in the same hour that Israel’s airforce assassinated Jabari, the air force also aimed to destroy the assembly and storage facilities of Hamas’ missiles – with a particular eye on the long distance Iranian Fajr-5.

A result of this current operation in Gaza, will be to deplete Hamas’ supplies of surface to surface missiles – whether by directly destroying them and their launchers on the ground, or by Hamas firing them off towards Israel.

The new Iron Dome Air Defence system has also severely undermined the Grad and Fajr-5’s effectiveness.

If all else fails, the Israeli army ground forces will go in to finish this job on the ground in Gaza.

Once this operation is complete, Hamas will be neutralized as an effective Iranian proxy, for at least a year or two.

Enough time for Israel’s strike on Iran.

Of course, this still leaves Hezbollah as a second proxy front for Iran...

Watch this space.


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