Movie "Standing Silent" - Magen Evening

Magen will be screening the important & prize-winning movie "Standing Silent" on Tuesday 27th November, at the RBS Matnas, Nachal Dolev, Ramat Beit Shemesh.

The evening begins at 7.45pm.

"Standing Silent" is a dramatic & compelling documentary produced by Scott Rosenfelt, producer of "Home Alone".

The movie follows the trail of allegations of child abuse in a US Jewish community, their exposure, and the impact upon that community.

The movie features Rabbi Dr Abraham Twerski, Rabbi Yosef Blau and Rabbi Elan Adler.

The movie was recently awarded the Best Documentary Prize at the World Jewish Film Festival in Ashkelon.

"Standing Silent" will be introduced by public figures, and will be followed by a panel discussion with professionals who will address questions from the audience.

The evening is highly recommnded for all parents, educators, mental health professionals and community leaders.

Light refreshments will be served.

Recommended donation is 20 NIS.

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