Wanted Posters in RBS

Pashkevilles (ultra-orthodox posters) have been plastered around Ramat Beit Shemesh (Aleph and Bet) about a man who is 'wanted for questioning' by Rav Nissim Karelitz's Beit Din in Bnei Braq.

According to the poster, a man referred to by his initials "Chet Kuf", is of chasidic appearance, lives on Nahal Kishon in RBS A, drives around in a black Volvo trying to pick up children, and has a history of offenses against children.

This poster is a demand that he appear at Rav Karelitz's Beit Din on Monday 12th November.

If he doesn't appear at Beit Din, then the poster threatens to publicise Chet Kuf's full name and photograph.

Apparently the posters were produced by the Committee for Purity on the Camp - AKA The Beit Shemesh Modesty Patrol, by instruction of the Beit Din.

Pashkevilles are well known for their lapses into fiction - and are sometimes simply a pack of lies.

In this case, I do believe that "Chet Kuf" really exists and that he has a black Volvo and that he lives on Nahal Kishon in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Maybe he also has a history of offenses against children. Maybe not.

What I find most peculiar is the claim that a respectable Beit Din, under the esteemed Rabbi Karelitz would be pursuing a criminal investigation of an alleged pedophile.

Rav Karelitz must be aware that only the police and criminal justice system are authorised to conduct criminal investigations, and judge them.

No Beit Din in Israel, or indeed, as far as I am aware, in the world, has the authority & jurisdiction to try criminal cases.

Rav Karelitz would be risking imprisonment himself, for interfering in the course of justice, tampering with evidence, breaking Israel's mandatory reporting laws, and numerous other offenses.

Perhaps the case in Beit Din is a financial one, which Batei Din are indeed authorised to hear - and the rest of the story is simply a means to get Chet Kuf there?

If anyone knows more about this case - they are welcome to contact me.


  1. These are the same initials as RBS's serial adulterer. Maybe they are looking for him and think that by writing child abuse they'll get more response?

  2. The other details sound nothing like the "serial adulterer".
    RBS is 'blessed' with more than one creep.
    Far more...

  3. If there are child molesters in RBS please give me their names and I will publish them to warn everyone. The case of Zalman Cohen the rapist and pedophile is to be heard this month. Anyone wishing to testify against him can contact me

    Leah Amdur

  4. according to the chareidi Israeli blogger Chaim Shaulson it has nothing to do with pedophilia and is only connected to the fight over the Goloventzitz issue (building and graves) with the asra kadisha, and this is the way they smear each other....



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