Gotcha! Pope Didn't Belt-Up!

The pope is seen in his Popemobile in this photo. AFP photo

Hurriyet Daily News has reported that an unnamed German citizen has brought a complaint to the court in Freiburg, Germany, alleging that the head of the Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI broke the law by not wearing a seat belt.

The Pope toured Freiburg on September 25 & 26 this year, using his unique Popemobile.

The Popemobile is apparently fitted with a seat belt in the rear; however, it seems the Pope omitted to belt-up during the tour of Freiburg, perhaps due to the vehicle traveling at walking pace, as you can see in this video.

The customised vehicle is reportedly capable of travelling at 160km/h if required. There are longstanding security concerns for the Pope, particularly since the assassination attempt (which critically wounded the Pope) on Pope Paul II in 1981, and so the idea of a 'quick getaway' in the Popemobile is a practical requirement.

The point being made by the plaintive is that:

1. No-one is above the law - even the Pope*.

2. Especially ("bedavka") the Pope should be leading by example, and wearing a seat belt.

If world and community leaders have still not got the message - the idea that they are not subject to the laws of the land, is an out-dated myth.

Leaders - You Have Been Warned!
* Note: This may not be technically accurate, as the Pope is a Head of State, The Vatican, and is probably immune from prosecution. It'll be interesting to see if his Excellency decides to do teshuva/penitence anyway, and pay the EUR 3000 fine.


  1. You should send this to the Kupa Shel Tzedaka parade participants who all think they are above the law. They go much faster than a walking pace and have kids on top of their cars. Its a good job there are so many Doctors joining in for the invariable casualties that will ( chas v'shalom) one day happen.

  2. The Pope has been covering up child abuse in the Catholic Church for decades.

    I guess if they can't get him for that, then at least get him for not buckling up!

    A bit like getting Al Capone on tax evasion.


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