British Ambassador Coming to Lema'an Achai


Britain's Ambassador to Israel, HE Matthew Gould
 Hon. Richard Ottaway MP, Head of UK Foreign Affairs Committee

On Friday the 25th of November, the British Ambassador to Israel, His Excellency Mathew Gould, and the Head of the UK Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, Hon. Richard Ottaway MP, will make an official visit Lemaan Achai, as part of their general visit to Beit Shemesh.

This is a tremendous opportunity to spotlight the important contribution of British olim to Israeli society in general, and the remarkable achievements of Lema'an Achai in Beit Shemesh in particular.

If you would like to be officially invited to His Excellency's visit to Lema'an Achai, please contact me (David Morris),  and/or to the Beit Shemesh City Reception at Pais Eshkol, please contact Harley Stark from the Bet Shemesh Municipality ( 


P.S. Do you have any Union Jacks (British flags)? Or know where to get them in the coming days??
Any other British patriotic paraphernalia, T Shirts, etc? 


  1. Contact the British Embassy with assurances that you'll publicise (did i do the Brit spelling correclty?) their genrosity with a donation of Union Jacks for photo ops that can only further warm international relations.

    As for scones, hmmm, know any ex-pat bakers in this town??

    Hey - wanna hear the preamble to Chaucer's Tales in Olde Englyshe dialect? I still remember some of it...

  2. Ask him to have his government pay reperation for what they did during the mandate period.

  3. Perhaps you can ask Matthew Gould about what was discussed at his private meetings with Liam Fox and Adam Werrity, questions the British Government have so far refused to answer. See Craig Murray's blog for details on this.

  4. Does anyone know what brings Richard Ottaway to Israel?

  5. Ottaway is probably on a fact-finding mission, in his role as chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

    Three top items are likely on his agenda:
    1. Iran
    2. Syria
    3. Israel-Palestine

    oh, and

    4. Lema'an Achai's role in helping the needy of Beit Shemesh!

  6. Anonymous: "See Craig Murray's blog".

    I did take a look.

    I have never seen such a trough for so many Protocols-of-Zion-believing anti-semites to gather around, since the last neo-nazi gathering in Hamburg.

    Craig Murray's credentials, as a low ranking foreign office civil servant, culminating in a two-year stint as ambassador to Uzbekistan , doesn't qualify him for much.

    Except as an example of The British Foreign Service at its anti-semitic worst.

    At least the Foreign Office had the double sense to appoint Gould, and sack Murray.


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