New Proud Grandfather/Saba!

I am thrilled to report the birth this week of my and Julie's first grandchild!

Our daughter Shira and husband Daniel Gilad (ne Landsberg of Kireat Arba) gave birth to a healthy 3kg girl at Hadassah Ein Kerem on Wednesday.

Any advice from more experienced grandparents??


  1. The best advice is:
    There is nothing as exciting as being a grandparent!
    תזכו לגדלה לתורה חופה ולמעשים טובים

  2. Mazal tov. Just do what you did all along, but get more sleep.

  3. A grandparent! You don't look a day older than 35! Mazal Tov.

  4. Mazel tov. I am not a grandparent, but good advice would be to bring some whiskey to the shiur...

  5. Mazal Tov! May you witness her growth in Torah, emunah, yirat shamayim, maasim tovim...all the way to a bayit neeman b'yisrael and great grandchildren!

  6. Dave's Dad - The Great-Grandpa7 June 2010 at 18:50

    A few words of advice from an old hand.

    1. Grandma's are very enthusiastic and should be given every encouragement
    2. You will have to get used to being bottom of the priority list - all members of your family will move down one notch and you may not even be on the list at all. No need to tell you who will be top - I am unable to name names.
    3. Remember it is ages since you changed a nappy and for the life of you you can't remember what to do - if pressed do it wrong.
    4. Do not forget that babies are inclined to leak, dribble, smell, and worse. If you are pressed to handle her, turn her smartly over and slap her back soundly and state in a loud voice that you are getting her wind up - this was fashionable 50 years ago and is now considered nigh on abuse. This should prevent further instructions to take the baby.
    5. Never offer advice on dealing with baby - the ladies know best and it is better left that way.
    6. Do not at any time now or in the future give the infant the impression that you are a bouncy castle - this can prove very detrimental to your health when they become hefty teenagers.
    7. At this stage she is not a drain on your resources but be prepared for the worst. Were you in England I would warn against ever giving her a riding lesson - this is the road to bankruptcy

    Welcome to the youngest member of the Grandpa Club.

  7. We can only hope and pray that this Morris grandchild grow in the spirit of Torah, Chesed and dedication to the klal which is the crest of this noble household.
    We are certain that she will follow her parents and grandparents and be an immense source of nachas to her family, Klal Yisroel and the Ribbono Shel Olam.
    Fortunate is she who was born to such a family.

  8. Mazaltov David!

    What lovely news. Enjoy!

    Best wishes,

    Anthony Levy (Liverpool)

    p.s. I still tell people your story of being picked up in the Sahara desert and hearing 'David...' coming from inside the lorry.


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