Gush Katif: "The State of Israel has totally failed..."

Special Report: The Final report of the State Commission of Inquiry

By Dror Vanunu
The Gush Katif Committee

"..the Commission of Inquiry thinks that during the last years the State of Israel has totally failed in its duty to properly care for the rehabilitation of the evacuees from the Gaza Strip and North Shomron. The State has failed to fulfill its public promise that the issue should stand as a top national priority… (p.97 of the State Commission full report)"

We cannot say that this statement is any news for the expellees who have been struggling for the last 5 years, but nevertheless the official recognition of the government's fiasco brings some hope that it will accelerate the processes for the restoration of their lifework.

After more than a year of investigation, of public testimonies by government officials and hundreds of expellees as well, the Commission of Inquiry, headed by Judge Eliyahu Matza has presented its report to the Knesset.
Among the articles of this report, conclusions about the monetary compensation to the farmers and private businesses, datelines for the establishment of the permanent communities, conclusions for the reconstruction of the public buildings, solutions for the unemployed older population, and more.

Professor Yedidya Stern, one of the members of the Commission of Inquiry states: "This is the most severe violation of human rights in the history of Israel"

The submission of this report marks another turning point in the long path to the rehabilitation of the evacuees and the Gush Katif Committee who has been the main driving force behind the demand for such an investigation,  sees its efforts rewarded.
Nevertheless, during the past five years we have seen many gestures of understanding and concern and heard many declarations that didn't lead to any improvement, thus, we are waiting for concrete steps that will ensure the implementation of all the clauses in the report.
The Gush Katif Committee expressed demand that the conclusions of this report be adopted and implemented immediately by the governmental agencies.

"… the responsibility of the government to the evacuees is bond by the basic civil contract that should ensure the basic human rights of any citizen of this country, all the more to citizens that the State turned into refugees in their homeland… "(State commission report)

Our utmost wish is to bring an end to our plight and to become once again proud, productive, energetic citizens and an integral part of the Israeli society.
Click here for the latest Status Report.

Dror Vanunu
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  1. Israeli legislators never intended to protect these Torah-true citizens. Kapos to the core, the Knesseteers meant to disenfranchise these Jews. The goal is to drain dati resources so that we stop being halachically observant. Israeli politicians have their heads in their underwear: wooing gay tourists, promoting nightlife that often ends in a jail cell or emergency room, and wanting Isrel to be "sexy." This country's government is Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears on 'roids.

  2. Where can we find the full report of the commission of inquiry?

  3. Hi Dov - I don't know the link to the report.
    Please email me at david AT and I'll give your Dror Vanunu's contact details.



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