Joke of the Day

[Courtesy of my son Yonatan, Yeshivat Bnei Tzvi, Bet El]

Two litvaks were sitting in yeshiva shel maala (in Heaven), studying a difficult Rambam.

They tried for "ages" to work out a seeming inconsistency and to learn out the Rambam. To no avail.

Who should walk by, but the Rambam himself...!

One of the litvaks asks the Rambam, "please can you explain this passage in the Mishne Torah?"

The Rambam readily agrees, and astutely and clearly explains the meaning of the passage to the two litvaks, before carrying on his way.

One litvak turns to the other and asks - "was that helpful?"

The other litvak replies: "Huh - what does a Sephardi know about learning Rambam?!"


  1. Um, why does that picture of the Rambam have him wearing a havdala candle for a tie?


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