Intimidation of Jews on Temple Mount

Dani Seeman, a guide with The Temple Institute, posted these videos of a recent tour group he led on Temple Mount.

While the introduction Dani gives is fascinating, together with the security briefing by a policeman, once the group gets onto Temple Mount itself, most of his guided tour is drowned out by the constant heckling of initially women and then also men - incessantly shouting "Alah Akhbar!" at the visiting Jews.

I have witnessed similar, but less organized, harassment on and around Temple Mount. The situation appears to have got far worse. I understand the funded harassers are now a constant part of visiting Temple Mount these days.

Dani explained to me: "this is unfortunately now the norm. The Muslims constantly test the boundaries & push out when they see that the police don’t react. (so much for Bibi’s holy ‘status quo’).

"The more I go up the more I am convinced that the way to improve things is to get more Jews involved, more going up & more often. Then will be more push from below on the establishment."

I admire Dani for his persistence & calmness in the face of the intimidation and harassment. The Show Will Go On!

[Plug: If you are looking for a guided tour of the Temple Mount, Dani's email is]


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