Shmuel from Hungary in Munich

Each time I travel, I ask myself whether or not to openly wear my kippa. 

As antisemitism is on the rise in Europe, many advise not openly wearing a kippa for safety purposes.

Almost without exception, I do wear my kippa abroad. And, thank G-d, I have never had an unpleasant experience.

On the contrary, all sorts of people approach me, because they see I am Jewish.

I am currently in Munich (a short ride from Dachau...).

As I arrived, and am making my way into town, a guy starts shouting at me "I love Jews!". And "I hate the bloody German Nazis!".

I approached the man and struck up a conversation with him.

Why does he love the Jews? Because he is from Hungary and he was a child in the Jewish neighborhood. Although a gentile, his mother called him Shmuel.

Why does he hate the Germans? Because, being called Shmuel, he is often the victim of anti-semitism in his adopted home in Germany. 

He produced a kippa from his pocket, and posed for my photo, before heading on his way. 


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