Should convicted sex offender be entertaining children?

David Bruckner, known as David Hachakian/The Impersonator

Kikar Shabbat has reported that popular children's entertainer David Bruckner, better know by his stage name "David Hachakian" ("David The Impersonator") is struggling to continue performing for children.

Bruckner was convicted in 2012 of a series of indecent acts against a 12 year old boy, and sentenced to 7 months imprisonment. On at least two occasions, Bruckner paid off the boy, after molesting him, with gifts and cash.

As is usual with such sex offenses, Bruckner underwent a clinical risk assessment, and he was found to be medium-to-high risk to the public. The judge who tried him highlighted the extra risk that, as a children's performer, Bruckner has access to numerous children.

Now Bruckner has completed his sentence, he is working again as a children's performer.

This has been permitted by the court, with certain conditions, such as that his performances must always be in the presence of an adult. This is being appealed by the prosecution services, who are seeking to get Bruckner banned from giving performances to children, due to his "dangerous character".

Kikar Shabbat interviewed Bruckner, who claimed that the prosecution services are harassing him because he "made a laughing stock of them". Bruckner also says that the Regional Court, where his case is being heard, "is not Hareidi territory" and therefore will not give him a fair hearing.


  1. I'd consider the guy a danger for many reasons. He certainly doesn't accept his guilt, so no teshuva. And kids won't think of him as a stranger, because they've seen him perform. The kids won't fear him.

  2. Let him entertain in Gaza with other soul-destroyers. As an assessed risk to the public, he does not belong in society. Period.

  3. I once spoke to Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski about whether a child abuser could do teshuva and return to society, and he said no. Unlike addicts, alcoholics and the others whom he treats, R. Twerski said that paedophiles are never really cured.

  4. David,

    Some clarification please. In general you do not give out names of predators, suspected predators, etc. for legal reasons. Why is this one different?

    1. Hi Anonymous - you are correct that Magen, as a generality does not publicise the names of suspected predators, etc.
      In this case, Bruckner's identity has already been publicised in the national press (see the links plus others), and Bruckner even participated in an interview about this with Kikar Shabbat.

    2. His name and face need to be out there so that parents and the community can be aware and alert. This is a mental illness with no cure - he needs to be far, far away from children!

  5. David - I think you need to fix the title: he is not a convicted performer. He is a performer that is a convicted sex offender and pedophile.


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