Give Your Matanot Le'evionim Even In The Rain! Now Updated for the Sun!!


Purim: Since my posting at the end of last week - the Sun Has Come Out in Israel!

And you can STILL conveniently donate online to Lema'an Achai's Matanot Le'evionim campaign!
Click Here to Do Your Part
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Apply my donation to this project:
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chose either:
Smart Matanot Le'evionim - half of your donation goes out on the day of Purim, while half is used to rehabilitate needy families.
Regular Matanot Le'evionim - 100% is distributed "bo bayom" to over Two Hundred needy families on Purim Day. Until 3pm Israel time, you are yotzei by all the deot. After 3pm you are still yotzei by "breira". 

Any hitches - feel free to email me at

Israel is blessed with some long awaited rain!

This makes it more challenging to prepare for Purim...

So you can make your life easier and "mehudar" by giving Matanot Le'evinim to aiding and rehabilitating families in financial crisis, from the comfort, warmth and dryness of your home!

You can give generously, right now, from your computer or smart phone to Lema'an Achai's 2014 Matanot Le'evionim project; Lema'an Achai, the home of 'Smart Chesed":

Photo: How to best keep the mitzva of "Matanot Le'Evionim" - gifts for the poor - for Purim.
Give generously to Lema’an Achai Purim Campaign.
Conveniently on-line:


  1. This post is included in Shiloh Musings: Havel Megillah Havelim, The Poorhim Edition.  Please read all the other posts, comment and share thanks.

    I hope you'll take an active role in Havel Havelim and the other Jewish blog carnivals.


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