Of Course I'm Disappointed!

Shas candidate celebrates his victory in Beit Shemesh in the do-over elections.

In the universal contest between the blues and the reds, one side will invariably win, the other lose.

When the reds win, it's not easy or comfortable for the blues.

It's a phenomenon known to us all - being on the losing side.

After the most arduous, contentious, long running and unusual municipal election campaign in Beit Shemesh, the chips fell where they did last night - and the incumbent mayor Moshe Abutbul was re-elected, if by a wafer-thin margin of several hundred votes.

My man, Eli Cohen, called Moshe Abutbul to congratulate him on his victory, and Eli acknowledged his defeat with dignity.

I also congratulate Moshe Abutbul and his many many supporters in Beit Shemesh on their victory.

They worked hard, played hard, and they should enjoy their victory!

I feel like the morning-after-the-night-before - a bit dazed, tired and yes, of course, disappointed.

Someone who experiences defeat without any pain (sadness, dismay, disappointment) is simply not human.

As long as these feelings are temporary and not channeled in a negative way, for example, to feed antipathy against the winning side, pointing fingers at one's colleagues, etc, these feelings are entirely legitimate and healthy.

A defeat should involve a process of autopsy, analysis, to work out what went wrong, what could or should have been better or different, and hopefully work out an improved game-plan for next time one is involved in a contest or competition.

There's a balance between picking oneself up, dusting oneself off, determinedly moving on with other day to day challenges - while nevertheless taking the time to do the internal accounting process.

What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better.Wendell Phillips (1811 - 1884)


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    1. Shaul - great clip! But the uninitiated won't be aware of the results of eating the wafer thin mint....
      Could you post the full clip, with the consequences, with a suitable warning for the squeamish?

  2. It doesn't matter how thin. The winner takes over.
    Now, I hope that the city will be ruled justly and fairly. All citizens should be respected and given according to their needs. No favorites.
    good luck

    1. Batya, why would you expect justice and fairness? After 5 years of Abutbol you can be sure that the next 5 will be much worse. He doesn't need anyone other than those who voted for him, and Shas leaders have a longtime record of screwing over anyone who isn't with them. Don't hold your breath, and prepare for greater tensions and less municipal services.

  3. Here's my cynical advice: move.
    The only thing worse than a corrupt politician with scores to settle is a corrupt politician with scores to settle and is in office with the power to do so.

  4. MGH-What motzei shemra!
    R. Abutbul was not indicted, nor evidence presented to accuse him of corruption. I promise you, if he was corrupt, DL and Eli Cohen would have found the evidence on him. Trust me, they have been snooping around as much as possible to get Abutbol and his admin in trouble like filing a complaint against chadash newspaper for no license. What nonsense you accuse him of and the writer here and all other commentators who are negative. He won the election, fair and square. Not only that, now he has a majority in the local Govt whereas in November he didnt. Thank you Eli Cohen and friends for enabling Abutbol and company to run the city unhindered. Next time I suggest Eli Cohen should listen to better advisers because he got some bad advice going with Bayit Yehudi and yesh atid and for getting new elections called.


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