Does The Body Language Tell The Story?

Both candidates in today's re-called mayoral election in Beit Shemesh have voted.

Their body language seems to tell the story.

This is Eli Cohen's moment of pride and hope;

Eli Cohen, mayoral candidate voting today
 While incumbent mayor Moshe Abutbul looks like he really, really, doesn't want to be doing this...

Incumbent mayor, Moshe Abutbul voting in today's election


  1. You could look at it the other way. Maybe Eli Cohen is thinking "If you nag enough you get a second chance!" and Moshe Abutbol is thinking "Oh gawd, I have to rig the ballot boxes again!?"

  2. The only thing you should be writing now is your sincere apology to the haredi community and to Abutbol. You accused Abutbol and the whole hareidi community of systemic fraud in the last elections. These new results prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that last election there was 36 fraudulent votes done by a few individuals and not systemic fraud as you all accused us of. Its time to be a true hero and admit you were wrong. We are waiting......


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