You Too Can Be A Whistle-Blower

This video is well worth a few minutes of your time.

Hopefully, it will validate your right to have concerns, encourage you to speak them out, and to direct your energies to improving the world around you.

Even to become a whistle-blower.

Even working against powerful people who oppose you, those who are, or are leading, the willfully blind.

I have been through this process, when I saw how frequent cases of child abuse were, even in the frum/orthodox community.

I spoke up about it.

I got flack, and still get flack, from the wilfully blind.

However, I have been able to establish Magen, an organization which has successfully helped hundreds of victims/survivors of child abuse, and made our community safer for our children.  

For those who believe their kids may have been abused, or you yourself are a victim/survivor of child abuse, you are invited to contact Magen.

Call: (Israel - 972) 02-9999.678
After hours: 050-8489001.
If you feel strongly that something is very wrong in your community, whether it be safety, public cleanliness, poverty, the rights of the sick...whatever, take a deep breath, and speak out. Take that first important step to fixing the problem.

(Hat-tip: Yocheved Golani)


  1. Speak out to whom? I walked down Rehov Rashi yesterday, from Migdal HaMayim to Maapilei Egoz. It was disgusting. I can't believe I, or any human being, live in a city with such filth. But call the Moked, and have yet another phone call ignored? I called htem twice about repainting the crosswalks (a serious safety issue) and got the usual blah-blah. I was considering a sit-in.
    Rachel Hershberg

  2. i am involved with exposing the nachlaot pedophile scandal .please contact me.

  3. David - Excellent video.

    You say that you are still getting flack for speaking out about chld abuse...

    Does Rabbi Malinowitz of BTYA still have Lema'an Achai in cherem because of your stand for child protection?

    If so, is anyone countering this outrage, or has it become 'accepted' by all parties?

    1. Hi Chaim

      In 2009, as a response to my statements against child abuse and cover up in the community, Rabbi Malinowitz imposed a ban on Lema'an Achai from actively fundraising in Beis Tefillah (BTYA).

      This clearly was intended to intimidating me personally and to shut me up; which was shown one shabbos afternoon, shortly after the cherem, when Rav Malinowitz publicly insulted me and bawled me out of BTYA.

      The ban on Lema'an Achai is still the official policy of BTYA.

      I'm willing to bet that over half the shul are unaware of this cherem, or the reason for it.

      IMHO, the whole shul is "willfully blind".


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