Booze: Taxing The Poor; Pampering The Rich

I recently popped into the excellent Cellar 18 booze shop in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Proprietor Gedalya Persky told me that, due to the new budget passed in Israel, there have been big price changes in the spirits department.

Waving to the well stocked shelves behind him, Gedalya showed me that the 'cheap' drinks, such as Vodka and Arak, have almost doubled in price. Arak, for example, which sold for 35 NIS a bottle, is now around 60 NIS.

These are the drinks that hard-up Israelis (and Russians) enjoy.

On the other hand, if you rather fancy a 15 year old single malt whisky, or a vintage Drambuie, or suchlike treats for deep-pocketed connoisseurs, then the budget is great news.

Gedalya explained that the top-quality spirits have come down in price, apparently justified by the competition for these products from duty free.

Cellar 18's finest whiskies have come down from around 300 NIS a bottle to around 200 NIS.

So, rather than head to the airport & to foreign lands to stock up on your extravagant tastes in booze, pop down the road to your local purveyor of fine spirits here in Israel.

And drink a lechayim to Bibi and Lapid!! (Who are presumably doing likewise).


  1. Why the hell would I drink a L'Chaim to Lapid may G-d blot out his name . Lapid is trying to destroy Israel (and I'm not talking about Charedim)


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