SMART Matanot Le'evionim - Now On-Line!

Please remember to give as generously as you possibly can for this year's Lema'an Achai "Matanot Le'evionim" campaign.

Lema'an Achai offers two options:
1. Matanot Le'evionim (Regular) - 100% given out to needy families on Purim Day ("Bo BeYom")
2. SMART Matanot Le'evionim - 50% is given on the day of Purim, with 50% being held back and distributed to needy families AFTER Purim. (Note: unfortunately many of these families needs are chronic. B"H huge amounts of cash are distributed to needy families on Purim - however, this flushing through of funds in one day, means that there's nothing left to help the needy AFTER Purim).

You can donate right now to Lema'an Achai's Matanot Le'evionim conveniently on line:


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