How You Can Help Magen Protect Our Children

Magen's Child Protection Center has already made Beit Shemesh safer for all our children.

There is now a tremendous opportunity to name Magen's Child Protection Center after your beloved family member or other honoree.

When Magen started, in 2010, Beit Shemesh had the lowest child abuse reporting statistics for any city in Israel.

This indicated that most child abuse cases were not being reported, that victims lacked protection and treatment, and that perpetrators were freely operating in the community without consequence.

In just two years, Magen has received reports of over one hundred (100) alleged child abusers and over two hundred (200) victims.

Magen coordinates closely with the community leadership, the social services and the police.

In 2011, after Magen's first year, child abuse reports to the authorities in Beit Shemesh increased by a remarkable 43%.

B"H, Beit Shemesh is turning the corner on child abuse in our community.

There is now an opportunity for you to help Magen with this critical work, which is all privately funded.

Magen's office rental annual contract is up for renewal next month (March).

We are now seeking one or more sponsors for the Magen offices.

Magen Child Protection Center: $16,000
Individual Offices: $3000

As a gesture of appreciation for our sponsor/s, Magen is willing to name these offices after a person of the donor's choosing.
If you would like further details about this sponsorship opportunity, or if you are interested in donating money to or sponsoring any of Magen's many child protection programs, please call 02-9999.678; 050 8489001, or email (

Be"H, in the zchus of your generous support to Magen, may all of our community's children be safe.

Tizku Lemitzvos
David Morris - CEO
Hillel Abrahams - Chairman


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