Bet Shemesh Rah-Rah for Bennet

Naftali Bennet, Leader of HaBayit Hayehudi, in Beit Shemesh 

Naftali Bennet with MK's Nissim Slomienski and Uri Orbach 

A Packed "Jewish House" at Kinor David (featuring Rav Ari Enkin)

Rav Shmuel Eliyahu dispenses blessings

"The Jewish Home" (Habayit HaYehudi) held a rah-rah session in Kinor David Hall, Beit Shemesh on Wednesday evening.

Attendees included a cluster of (current & candidate) Members of Knesset (Uri Ariel, Uri Orbach, Nissim Smoliansky, Rav Eli Dahan, Avi Vertzman), Rav Shmuel Eliyahu (Chief Rabbi of Sfat, son of Rav Mordechai Eliyahu z"tzl) and local hero Rav Nissimi, head of the Shaalei Torah educational network and no.16 on the Habayit Hayeudi ticket.

The two highlights were Naftali Bennet, who came over as very charismatic (cute smile, well spoken, sense of humour, which has got him into trouble...) and the second highlight was Crembos (chocolate gooyey things) with Bayit Hayehudi wrappers.

Let-downs were the lack of party paraphernalia (tee shirts, banners, car flags, etc - all absent for the public, like me and my kids, to take home and flutter) and anything memorable anyone said.

The event was packed, with a friendly up-beat atmosphere, full of fellow Bet Shemesh "srugis".  
Nothing 100% persuaded me to ditch Otzma LeYisrael (Ari Ben Ami & Arie Eldad) from my list of voting options.


  1. Bennett wants to give away land.

    He wants to remove Jewish homes from so-called Arab lands.

    He wants to give citizenship to 1,000's of the Yishma'elite enemy.

    Thus, the Jewish Home Party is neither Jewish, a home, nor even a party.

    With Jeremy Gimpel on the ticket, we'd better start calling it the Christian Home Party.

    Who's afraid of Jeremy Gimpel? I am!

  2. What a post!!!
    Ari Enkin


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