Festering at Orot

The stand-off between the national religious school, "Orot Banot", in Givat Sharret, Beit Shemesh, and the extremist ultra-orthodox "Kanoim", residing five minutes walk away in Ramat Bet Shemesh, has dropped from the headlines in Israel – but is still festering on.

According to parents from the school, they arrived at the start of the post-chagim vacation, to find a smashed window and a stink bomb (smelling of feces) in a third grade classroom.

Some dozen Kanoim have re-established their demonstration outside the school.

The police are also on the spot, using stun-guns and other crowd control methods to create a distance between the kanoim and the school kids.

See this recent video that Dov Krulwich, a parent from the school, posted to YouTube:

The Orot Banot dispute has attracted considerable interest around the world. My folks in England almost fell off their sofa, when the BBC News aired a report about Orot Banot in Bet Shemesh.

There is surely an aspect of chilul hashem here. The kanoim have much to answer for.


  1. My daughters class had the window broken and the kids claim the room had feces inside not just the smell.
    Very sad scenes.

  2. Right, David. They *do* have a lot to answer for - especially the very strong animosity and intolerance we (those who directly felt their abuse)and many others, will need years, if it all, to rid ourselves of. Not to mention the children, who have arguably less critical, rational tools with which to analyze and react to the situation. For the record - I totally lost mine in this war...

  3. Animals in human clothing.
    In a way this is a good thing. It allows us to experience what our ancestors went through in the times of the prophets. How many verses of condemnation from Yishiyahu and Yechezkel could we apply to these menuvalim?

  4. There is surely an aspect of chilul hashem here.

    There is more than just an aspect of chilul Hashem here...It is a lot worse than that...

  5. These are disgusting pedophiles.

  6. Okay, so we all recognize that it's disgusting. So what are we going to do about it?

    Until these guys are SHUT DOWN they're not going to stop.

    Does anyone have any idea outside of breaking some bones? (theirs, not ours...)

  7. Someone should let their rival gang know their hangout spot.


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