Channel 2 Claims Emmanuel Fracas Was About Child Abuse

A Channel Two investigative report ("360") claims that the dramatic split a year ago in the Emmanuel community,  between mainly balei teshuva (newly orthodox) Sephardim, and the Slonim Chasidic group, and which spread nationwide, was not solely about racism - but also about a child abuse case.


  1. A lot of good Chareidim wrote very sophisticated pieces to refuse the whole racism angle of the original story. If this turns out to be true, what defence will they offer this time?

  2. shtuyot b,itz agavaniyot
    what takes three years to come up with such a story?

  3. VIDEO: “The Horrible Secret of Emmanuel” (Hebrew)
    Click here for FULL PROGRAM

    Joel Katz
    Religion and State in Israel

  4. Thanks Joel! I have now put up the TV program itself.

    Thanks also for bringing this particular Channel 2 program to my attention.


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