My Daughter + Daniel vs. Obama + Netanyahu

When British Channel-4 TV News wanted to interview my daughter Shira and son-in-law Daniel, I reckoned the anti-settler UK channel would make mincemeat of the young couple.

What do you reckon?

[For the record: There are several errors or misrepresentations in the short report.
* These kids are not following R.Kahana, their spiritual leader is Rav Moshe Levinger of Hebron. "Someone put the yellow Kahana flag there" explained my son-in-law.
* They do not promote "transfer" of Palestinians as a political agenda or solution to anything - Shira was 'led-on' to that subject by the interviewer.
* The video gives the impression my daughter Shira is an immigrant from the UK ("she has come a long way from..."). I am from the UK, but she was born here in Israel.
* The young couple do not have a permanent residence in Ramat Migron (their rav told them that the living conditions are not suitable for newly weds). ]


  1. B"H

    Not only do I believe that you should be proud of your daughter and son in law, but also that you should be proud of yourself for how you raised your daughter! Re-post

    Do submit this to Haveil Havalim.

  2. B"H

    I would like to watch the video but I can't. I only see an empty frame with a small square on the top left hand corner with colored shapes. Why? Please reply to Thanks.

  3. having the same problem, is this video on you tube?

  4. Try this link:

    It seems to involve downloading a video player, so maybe that's the problem you're experiencing.

    In parallel I'll see if I can get it utube.

  5. what lovely brave young people. I'm not Jewish but I believe it is important that the Jewish people have a homeland of their own. I wish them peace and freedom.


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