Mob In Beit Shemesh Screams NAZI At Charedi Soldier

This is a sensitive time of year in Beit Shemesh, as Memorial and Independence Days highlight explosive issues of nationhood and religious divide.

These issues are permanently present in Beit Shemesh, sometimes at the fore, and sometimes in the background, like a dark cloud hanging over the city.

In this incident, ultra-orthodox men are videoed cursing out an (orthodox) Israeli soldier, calling him "Nazi" and other slurs.

It appears to be during the course of a demonstration, as one of the men is holding a banner, perhaps by the extremist Neturei Karta sect.

Neturei Karta hold demonstrations annually in Beit Shemesh during this period, including burning Israeli flags and parading with black flags of mourning.

Neturei Karta representatives have also, over the years, openly supported and physically embraced Ahmadinijad of Iran and sat on the Palestinian National Council of the PLO.  


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