Lema'an Achai Receives Presidential Recognition for Operation Protective Edge

Avrohom Leventhal, Executive Director of Lema'an Achai, receives prize from President Rivlin

The Beit Shemesh non-profit organization Lema'an Achai received an honour from Israeli president Ruby Rivlin and Beit Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul this week, for the organization's role in providing civilian support during Operation Protective Edge.

During the 50 days of war in the South and Center of Israel, Lema'an Achai provided substantial aid to IDF soldiers and southern population. This was focused on short term aid - and a longer term rehabilitation project has also been launched.

Lema'an Achai delivered over 280,000 NIS worth of equipment which was requested by specific army units in Gaza. These included:

5000 x Field Cellphone Rechargers
1300 x Army Issue Wearable Water Containers
400 x Army Issue Headlamps
7500 x Socks and Underwear
1000 x Packs of Moist Wipes
250 x Personal Hygiene Packs

These were provided directly to units of Combat Engineers and Infantry, according tho their specific requirements and needs.

In addition, on the Home Front, Lema'an Achai:

* funded families from Netivot, Ofakim and Sderot to take respite trips to quieter areas of the country,
* arranged a Fun Day for around 50 southern residents.
* arranged temporary accommodation for 11 families in Beit Shemesh
* provided food + clothes for 35 additional southern residents.

Lema'an Achai also joined forces with Magen (Child Protection) and Ligdol VeLifroach - Mercaz Rakefet (Child Development) to provide a War-Time Support Line (in English), a 24/6 counseling service for English speakers in Israel who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or are simply seeking information regarding the war.

Unfortunately, the impact of this conflict upon the residents of the South will also require considerable support longer term.

Lema'an Achai has therefore established a free dental program with a new clinic in Sderot, together with a new social services office, to provide support and counseling for southern residents impacted by the war.

Lema'an Achai has received awards for their assistance in other national crises and conflicts, including 2008/9 Operation Cast Lead and 2012 operation Pillar of Defense; Magen also assisted thousands of evacuees from Gush Katif in 2007-2010.

Lema'an Achai is a local Beit Shemesh organization, which provides rehabilitation and assistance for families in poverty. In times of national need, Lema'an Achai has increased its reach, to provide aid for those who have been effected throughout Israel.

You can support Lema'an Achai here.


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