Israelis Now Heard of Bradford

Recent outrageously Israelophobic statement by George Galloway, MP for Bradford, have put Bradford on Israel's map.

Galloway is a an anti-Israel/anti-Semitic bigot, who heads the pro-Hamas group Viva Palestina, who recently declared Bradford an "Israel-free zone". Rather too close for comfort to the German expression Juden-rein.

"We don't want any Israeli goods; we don't want and Israel services; we don't wants any Israeli academics...We don't even want any Israeli tourists...!" tiraded Galloway, with a backcloth of the Palestinian flag.

Israelis have never heard of Bradford. Which is not surprising, as it's a post-industrial backwater of West Yorkshire, once known for it's smokey mills and textiles industry, and is now known for...umm, not much.

Actually, my father was born and raised in Bradford - a true Bradfordian. At the time there was a significant Jewish community, many of whom we involved in the textile industry there. There is still a Reform synagogue; the Orthodox shul closed its doors just this year.

Bradford has the highest non-white population in the UK, fully 30% of the population.

Dusting off their maps of Yorkshire, a small group of Israelis decided to infiltrate Bradford, the Galloway-declared Israel-Free Zone.

The results are pretty funny...

Among an otherwise welcoming, and somewhat perplexed public, they managed to find one Galloway loyalist, who refused to accept the Bamba she was offered.


  1. Quite the man's kind of man, eh?


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